Two provinces in Sichuan: Yangtze River protection still exists

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Two provinces in Sichuan: Yangtze River protection still exists

[] [Binal No.] [] The Central Fifth Ecological Environment Protection Insugation team announced on the 13th of Sichuan Province. Inspector, Sichuan Province fully hits pollution prevention and control, building an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, collaborates to promote high-quality development of high quality development and high-level protection of the ecological environment, great work, but has a significant effective ecological position with Sichuan Province Compared with the important mission, the work still has a gap with the party’s current demand and the people’s expectations.

  The Inspector Team pointed out that some places and departments implement the ecological priority, and there is also a gap between green development.

Since April 2018, Meishan City has developed a real estate project in the Heilongt drinking water source protection area. Only Long Island Future City, Tianfu Ecological City, two districts in the construction and completion of 1097 buildings, covering an area of ??approximately 3222 mu.

Since 2020, Leshan City has not been supervised on "two high" projects. In the case of energy-saving review, 16 high-end brick ceramics production line technologies such as high-end wall brick ceramics production line has not been approved. establish. The inspectors are called, and the Yangtze River protection repair still has a short board. Horse and chemical projects in some industrial parks along the river.

In Yibin City, Jiang’an County Industrial Park is outside the scope of the national announcement catalog, and has started 5 chemical projects such as 50,000 tons of chlorinated titanium white powder expansion projects. Some projects break through the Yangtze River flow 1 km red line.

  The inspectors found that there was still highlighted problems in Sichuan Province.

Sichuan Scenic Scenic Area Protects Random and Rules, 15 National Level, 78 provincial-level scenic spots, 5 and 25 overall planning have not been approved, and the issue of violation construction is frequent. The Inspector Group also found that the centralized collection rate of urban urban living sewage in Sichuan Province is%, lower than the national average.

The Xinning River is directly rushed to Xinning River in Kaijiang County City, Dazhou City, leading to serious deterioration in the province of Dashibao Pingqiao, the lower reaches. Sichuan Province attaches great importance to this inspectoric work, promoting inspector and reform, solving a large number of people stand out of ecological environment.

  The Inspector Group also combed in the investigation of the discovered ecological environmental damage, and has been handed over to the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, December 13 (Reporter Gao Jing, Tian Zhongquan) The Third Ecological Environment Protection Inspection team announced on the 13th of Hubei Province.

Inspector, Hubei Province, in-depth promoting the Yangtze River Protection, beautiful Hubei construction took a solid step, the work strength was large, but it has achieved greater results, but compared with the people’s expectations of the beautiful ecological environment, Hubei Province still has a certain gap. Some of the urgent ecological environment needs to be resolved.

  Inspector, some leading cadres lack enough understanding of the importance of the ecological environment and the urgency of high-level protection, grasping the ecological environmental protection, "said it is important, busy."

Jingzhou City relaxed along the "Glycified Movement" along the Yangtze Chemical Enterprise, the list of enterprises reported on the counties and cities is only non-verified, and the relationship is not strict, and some should be included in the listing enterprises. Yichang City Changyang Flower Shui Bank Kangsuo Tourism Co., Ltd. has long been illegally digging mountain quarry for long-term in the form of risks and venue.

  Inspector, the Yangtze River is still a short board.

The province’s co-transportation and corporate layout is not in place. Some places have not implemented "strictly forbidden pollution industries, the enterprise to the middle of the Yangtze River," introduced some of the pollution of chemical projects.

The water environment infrastructure short board is obvious.

Hubei Province sewage pipe network history is much more affordable, and there are problems such as pipe network is wrong, missing, mixing, mixing.

  The inspector found that some lakes in Hubei Province had nothing to do.

The "Hubei Provincial Lake Protection Ordinance" promulgated in 2012 clearly requires the preparation of lake protection plan, but most local actions are slow, and some lake protection details are not prepared.

Some of the approved planning status investigations were not true, and the protection measures made were not in place. When Xincian District, Wuhan City was preparing Zhu Jiahu to protect the plan, the situation of the lake was taken only, and there was no specific requirements or measures for the lake. The lake function of the lake in the west side of Zhujiahu did not recover. Inspector also found that some stone mining companies re-exploit the light repair, and the ecological damage problem has been made. Suizhou City Fu Shangshi Industrial Park is unordered, and the ecological repair is not in place. Hubei Province attaches great importance to the inspectors, and the side of the supervision, the standing and standing, and carefully handles the masses.

  The Inspector Group also combed in the investigation of the discovered ecological environmental damage, and has been handed over to the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in accordance with relevant regulations.

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