Solidly do a good job in this winter tomorrow, the forest grassland anti-fire fighting work is resolved to hold the safety red line and the lifeline of the people

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Solidly do a good job in this winter tomorrow, the forest grassland anti-fire fighting work is resolved to hold the safety red line and the lifeline of the people

Original title: Solidly do a good job in this winter tomorrow, the forest grassland anti-fire fighting work is resolved to hold the safety red line and the people’s livelock on December 2, the province’s forest grassland anti-fire fighting work conference was held in Chengdu, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Peng Qinghua attended the meeting and speaking.

He emphasized that we must study the importance of implementation of the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session and Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the important instructions of the forest grassland anti-fire fighting. Comprehensive implementation of Li Keqiang’s important instructions and national autumn and winter forest grassland anti-fire work TV phone The deployment requirements of the meeting, adhere to the people’s first, life first, the bottom line thinking, enhance the awareness of urgency, further investigate the problem, make up the short board, strong weakness, solidly do a good job in today’s winter Mingchun Forest grassland anti-fire fighting work, in-depth promotion of special rectification work, Resolutely hold the safety of the red line and the lifeline of the people.

  Director of the State Council’s supervision team Dai Jianguo will guide and speak. Huang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting, and Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Deng Xiaogang, presided over the meeting. Peng Qinghua has affirmed the staged results obtained by the province’s forest grassland anti-extinguishing special rectification work, and made clear requirements for the next step.

He pointed out that in-depth study of the importance of implementing the spirit of the Five Plenary Session and Xi Jinping’s important instructions, further enhanced the ideological consciousness and action of winning the forest grassland anti-fire fighting. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the forest grassland anti-extinguishing work. General Secretary Xi Jinping has issued an important speech many times, making an important instructions, and the party’s 19th National Fifth Plenary Session clearly integrates coordinated development and safety into the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Economic and social development guiding ideology Important content, the central "suggestion" proposes to put the safety of people’s lives in the first place. These important instructions and deployment requirements fully reflect the General Secretary Xi Jinping, the party’s central government is in danger, and prevent the people’s supreme, the life is really sincere, providing us a good guidance and disaster prevention and disaster relief. Important follow.

Investigating the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, further reflecting that Liangshanzhou has several forest grassland fires in two consecutive years, and two painful lessons that cause major casualties have been awake. This winter, Mingchun is an important window period for testing special rectification results, which is a special exam for us.

We must feel pain, lead to the ring, the province mobilize, go all out, and grasp all the work and tight, and resolutely lay the forest grassland anti-extinguishing fire and resolutely avoid repeated repeatings. Peng Qinghua pointed out that it is necessary to make a good job of special rectification and this winter’s winter grassland anti-fire work, ensuring that major people do not have a forest grassland fire, and ensure that major casualties do not occur. In-depth investigation and eliminate risk hazards, strengthen combustible governance, and minimize security risks. Comprehensively strengthen the source control, do a good job in the management and control inspection of key time during holidays and the peak season of farmers, and innovative ways to increase the inspection of the mountain vehicles and personnel, strictly implement the field fire examination and approval system, explore the implementation of forest long system, full Improve the ability of forest grassland resources supervision protection.

  Continue to strengthen monitoring warning, improve information conveying, confirmation, release mechanism, strict duty, ensure that every time period works normally.

Improve scientific safety and save level, optimize the emergency plan, do deeply do a fine emergency preparation, strengthen the construction of grassroots emergency power, strengthen the scientific command of the fire, to ensure that the organization is powerful, and the command is scientific and efficient. Accelerate the infrastructure short board, the completed project is required to operate management and maintenance, the project is being built to speed up the construction progress under the premise of ensuring quality, and the forward project should be planned to advance, strengthen professional equipment, more It is good to meet the needs of anti-fire fighting.

Continue to carry out publicity and education, enrichment of publicity forms, expand publicity coverage and acceptance, and improve the anti-fire fighting mechanism of group control group control, guide the masses to continuously improve the safety of safety. Peng Qinghua emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership to promote the implementation of forest grassland anti-fire fighting.

Further pressing the solid responsibility, play the good provincial forest grassland anti-extinguishing fire command and the provincial special rectification office lead to arrest, coordinate coordination, strictly implement the landlord leadership responsibility, departmental management responsibility and the main responsibility of forest grass business units, and implement the city county and township The village cadres and the forest grunge workers are graded, and the grid management is strengthened, and work together.

Further improve the system mechanism, strengthen the connection collaboration between the department, and accelerate the construction of unified and efficient and orderly command systems. Further strengthen supervision and inspection, the listing supervision of the fire accident, more risk hazards, is not in place for the responsibility, the fire source management is not strict, the fire report is not in time, the emergency response is serious and responsible for the responsibility .

At the same time, you will do a good job in urban fire safety work and maximize fire hazards.

  Dai Jianguo pointed out in his speech that at all levels at all levels in Sichuan Province will improve the political station, and the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC Plenary Session and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping are imposed in unified thinking and action, based on the development and safety of the development and safety. Serving the two overallities, strengthening the mission, the political awareness of the mission, is to prevent the active awareness of the land, and cannot repeatedly repeat the red line awareness of the mistakes, and resolutely liate the major political responsibility of the forest grassland anti-extinguishing work. To establish a higher standard, pay more attention to the people, and pay more effort in the group defense group, pay more attention from strict, in the fire source control, pay more attention to the rule of law, institutionalized normalization Kung Fu, pay more attention to compressing responsibility, in the implementation of the responsibility, and resolutely build the first line of defense work in the forest grassland. It is necessary to adhere to the scientific coordination, scientific organization, and scientific implementation, always highlight the central key deployment, in-depth governance of major hidden dangers and highlight problems, and seize the establishment and improvement of long-term mechanisms, and solidly promote the special rectification of forest grassland anti-fire fighting.

  The meeting opened to the county level in the form of a television conference. Vice Governor, Woshisan, picked up the work of anti-fire extinguishing fire in the 2020 forest grassland in Sichuan Province. The relevant members of the State Council, relevant provincial leaders, provincial forest grassland anti-extinguishing special rectification work leading groups and members of the Provincial Forest Grassland Anti-Extinguishing Fire Command Member Union, the provincial military area, the Armed Police Sichuan Provincial Corps, relevant responsible comrades, etc. at the main venue. (Sichuan Daily full media reporter Zhang Shuai) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Luo Wei).

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