Tianjin wedding service standard on the road! "Wedding Tour" is hard to mix

3月 30, 2022 夜网

Tianjin wedding service standard on the road! "Wedding Tour" is hard to mix

  Tianjin Northern News: "The last year is a royal family. Recently, the family has registered a member in a marriage agency. I have found two married companies. I don’t know if this time will be white." After several blinds, Mr. Sun said helplessly told reporters. Standards) will be implemented soon, and the city’s marriage service market will have a strong norm.

  Li Dai, who lives in Heping District, told reporters: "The son has been 40 years old, or a single person, I have found five or six marriage agencies for my son, but most of them are finished, I have two or three times, I have never been information.

"In the interview, many consumers also have similar experience. Miss Chen said:" When consulting, the wedding company is particularly enthusiastic, three days and two calls, but when they finish the money, the attitude is gradually frightened. Some intermediary commitments can not be refundable, but when you want to refund, they have a variety of reasons.

"In recent years, marriage introduction market demand is large, and after 80, the ratio of prosecuting divorce after 90 is getting higher and higher, and some weddler institutions have paid, and they will be chaotic, privacy, and the chaos of ‘wedding. . "The Director of the Secretariat of the Municipal Family Service Industry Association said in an interview.

"Through the statistics, associations in recent years, the association has found that since 2016, the quality of home cleaning service quality standards, baby care service quality standards, maternal and child care service quality standards, and family service enterprise level assessment standards are after four local standards. The relevant market has been effectively purified. Tianjin family service industry service quality standards, clear home service content such as home cleaning staff, monthly, baby nurse (member), home care provider, etc., stipulate the service level of the family waiter and each The level of family waiters should know the theory and skills of the meeting, so that the relevant complaints have dropped by about 50%. "Introduction to Yaohong," In view of this, the association started the local standard for marriage service in 2018 – Marriage Service The norm is expected to be introduced and implemented in the near future. This standard clarifies the tracking and complaint processing, service quality improvement, and measures for the quality of the marriage service. It is targeted that preventive measures such as service goals, implementation of services such as service, eliminating the situation that is unqualified in service and urges continuous improvement, and also contains contract demonstration text. .

These will strive to standardize the wedding service market to better maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Wedding service has standard processes, can standardize the purification of marriage markets, enhance the benign impact of marriage service institutions, and improve the satisfaction of marriagers, thus enhance the happiness index of social family harmonious. "(Jin Yun News Edited Liu Ying).

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