Qinzhou tax: Break-down individual industrial and commercial households to help replenishment

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Qinzhou tax: Break-down individual industrial and commercial households to help replenishment

People’s Network Qinzhou March 29th "I pay taxes for taxes per month. Although not much, in this special period, it is also a burden." Recently, monthly rent, hydropower, employee wages, etc. Fees, let Zhao Ji Guizhou Zhao boss’s beefly pawns have some stretches. Zhao Ji Guizhou Pepsum Pavilion is located in Taoyuan Street, Qinzhou Port. This area of ??120 square meters of beef pavilion has 5 employees. Three times the monthly turnover in previous years. But this year has been affected by the epidemic, the store has stopped operating at the end of January this year, and it has not been able to restore it normally. "Small Store" is an important force for ensuring employment and people’s livelihood services. For these enterprises affected by the epidemic, the Qinzhou Port Area Taxation Bureau actively acts, and the tax source management stocks take the lead in the catering industry and entertainment industry. Individual industrial and commercial households, understand the current Computer situation, business situation, to adjust the monthly payment tax for individuals who do not have completed workers, reduce tax negative pressure. The Yuxiang Xiangli Fish Pot City is an individual industrial and commercial household for Qinzhou Port. During the epidemic, the hot pot city is bleak, but a WeChat issued by the Taxation Bureau let Zhao boss feel warm. Qinzhou Port Area Taxation Bureau told him: "The catering income meets the policy, exempts value-added tax." "Although the turnover before recovery is certain, the tax department adjusts us to pay taxes for us, Taxes, give us a lot of support and confidence in the complex indiration.

"Zhao boss said.

Recently, the boss of Qinzhou, Qinzhou, Qinzhou City, has a new year’s first on behalf of the VAT invoice, and the value-added rate of taxpayers in March to 5 small-scale taxpayers have dropped from the original 3% to 1%.

Chen Jianchun said that the epidemic situation has a great impact on his hardware store, and the exemption of the epidemic prevention and control tax and fee will now make him feel that the state’s concern and support is true.

The Haizi Victorial Advertising Shop is an advertising store in Qinzhou Port Area. On March 6, Qinzhou Port Area Tax Bureau Tax Source Management Unit and Tax Service Unit workers sent the latest epidemic prevention and control tax and fees.

After detailed explanation, the tax source management stock staff opened the "invoice upgrade software" interface, introduced him to the current propaganda board, and the tax rate of the propaganda banner and other taxes were reduced from 3% to 1%. The store owner Wang Junqing said happily: "Thank you for bringing so many good policies, so that I can save a lot of money in the three months of the policy, I opened a tax ticket yesterday, VAT is Yuan, phase More than 3 points, I have paid less yuan, enough for me for two months, now the whole people are fighting the epidemic, the country has introduced the preferential policies that support our individual industrial and commercial households, we are very warm, and more confidence Provide quality service to everyone. Under the influence of this sudden epidemic, the stores in Qinzhou Port Area have been affected. In this winter, the tax authorities take the initiative to take a moment to send "warmth" for the company. Up to now, the Qinzhou Port Area Taxation Bureau has adjusted a monthly payment tax for the individual industrial and commercial industrial and commercial industrial and commercial industrial households in Hong Kong, and the tax will be reduced by 50,000 yuan in the first quarter of 2020. (Editor: Zhang Fang, Li Minjun).

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