The ancient town of Tuscany to the township to explore the secrets of tourists have never been seen. Italy.

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The ancient town of Tuscany to the township to explore the secrets of tourists have never been seen. Italy.

At present, the Italian Embassy, ??the Shanghai Consulate, and Guangzhou Consulate Open the Italian Visa Application Center, and the Chinese citizens to Italy need to submit the visa materials to the visa application center of each section, and pay the fee according to the requirements of the Visa Application Center. All business visa application materials are accepted by the visa service center, and the material is automatically generated by the consulate interview time after the material is accepted. Under normal circumstances, the visa approval time is around a week (from the date of the interview, the audit is completed and the applicant finally reply).

Applicants can check their respective visa approval situations directly on the Visa Application Center website to learn about the date of receiving passports at the Visa Application Center.

In addition, the visa application center can also mail the passport into the applicant in the applicant (EMS). Tuscany is mainly in the Mediterranean climate, mild in winter, hot and dry in summer. The average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the autumn is mild dry, with average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the annual precipitation is 914 mm, and there is snowfall in the winter mountains. Italy as one of the EU members, implements a unified monetary policy, with euro (code: EUR, symbol: €) as a general purpose currency. Euro banknotes, a total of 7 face values ??from 5, 10, 20, 50, 200, 200,500 euros, for convenience of use in Italy, try to exchange 100 euros below.

In the Italian, visitors only need to carry the UnionPay card to directly extract the euro on the ATM machine with the UnionPay logo.

Although there will be some handling fee, the exchange rate will settle according on the standard of the bank’s bank.

Italy’s security is not very good, especially in big cities, must have a sense of prevention. Don’t take precious items in the bag behind, you should not worry, cash dispersion. Italy is a religious country, many art treasures are born and stored in the church, so visit the church is also one of the compulsory classes. Entering the church, short skirts, shorts, or vests, especially the St. Peter’s Church of the Vatican, and there is a special person to check the customer’s clothing on the road to the Square.

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