Rock Spring Street: Changchuang Civilization City, the old building

4月 15, 2022 夜网

Rock Spring Street: Changchuang Civilization City, the old building

Since the new leadership team of the rock spring street, we will insist on deepen the combination of civilized cities work with the service masses, and to form a good atmosphere of civilized city, and the benefit of all benefits. In October, the streets and community cadres were pragmatic, up and down, overcome difficulties quickly completed the exterior wall of the old area of ??the jurisdiction, so that the old building is new, and the residents are happy.

First, the party history, pay attention to the mass pain points.

The streets and community cadres learn education, understanding, and do practical things through party history. In the work of creating civilized cities, they are guided by the people’s concern, and they will focus on the outer wall of Beiyuan New Village, Yintian New Village. Interview with the residents, understand the exterior wall part of the exterior, and some residents did not dare to let the children play downstairs, and the old communities did not have a pain point for property management.

Second, deepen the service, and implement the task. During the construction of the exterior wall, the streets and community cadres closely focus on the key, difficult to report on the external wall repair, and formulate daily reporting mechanisms, requiring various communities and construction presses to send progress.

At the same time, the service of the masses is the purpose, insist on listening to the residents of the community in front of the line and resolved in time. For example, some residents reflected their own window seepage problems, streets and community cadres first arrived at the scene and construction team, requiring increased waterproofing. Third, try to do fine, only for residents. The streets and communities insist on the exterior wall decline in repair and "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, and make the work be fine.

In order to reduce construction noise, the residents are affected, the streets are required to work in the daytime work during the day. In order to prevent damage to the resident window, the construction party is required to increase the protection facilities. After the construction is completed, the construction party is required to process garbage in a timely manner according to the garbage classification.

Next, Rock Spring Street will continue to work with party history education as an opportunity, and conduct a series of attacks on the concerns of residents such as "flying lines" in the old community.

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