This year, Chizhou City Minsheng Engineering Plan investment funds 4.175 billion yuan.

4月 16, 2022 夜网

This year, Chizhou City Minsheng Engineering Plan investment funds 4.175 billion yuan.

According to Chizhou Daily, the Chizhou City Finance Department earnestly fulfilled the people’s livelihood project led the responsibility, and fully promoted 33 people’s livelihood projects.

After calculation, in 2021, the city’s 33 people’s livelihood projects were investive in fund billions. As of the end of April, the city’s people’s livelihood project has reached the fund billion, the position rate is%, and the fund billion will be issued, and the payment rate is%. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the people’s livelihood project, the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the leading department of "Chizhou City School Education Promotion Implementation Plan" "Chizhou City Cultural Huimin Project Implementation Plan" and other rules and regulations, formulate project implementation goals, project implementation team And project propulsion measures, clarify project responsible persons and project implementation progress. Implementing refined management and precision control in key project performance management models, which must ensure high quality implementation of people’s livelihood projects.

The municipal finance department actively contact the city directly lead the department, strengthens the supervisory responsibility of the city’s direct sector and the main responsibility of the county and district, and sign the target responsibility book, clear the annual target task, and compare the task one by item.

The financial sections at all levels resolutely reduce the need for non-rigid expenditure, ensuring that people’s livelihood rejuvenate, and pay attention to mobilizing social strength and capital participation while using financial funds.

Key links such as the basic construction procedures of the project project, the review and distribution process of the subsidy project; close attention to planning, dispatching, management, publicity, etc., implement the whole process strict control, further improve the accuracy of implementing management, enhanced Promoted systemic, integrity and synergies.

At the same time as the implementation of the people’s livelihood project, the city implements the implementation of people’s livelihood projects, incorporating the annual city government target management performance assessment.

The city’s financial department will guarantee and improve people’s livelihood as all work points and footholds, focusing on "seven" goals, focusing overall overtime prevention and control and economic and social development, trying to do our best, and accurate management, quality and efficiency, Solidly promote people’s livelihood projects.

At present, all people’s livelihood projects have been steadily implemented in accordance with the timing. Correspondent Huang Wenxian (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei).

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