Russian Black Sea Fleet "Essen Navy will" frightened air defense exercises

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Russian Black Sea Fleet "Essen Navy will" frightened air defense exercises

  Xinhua News Agency, November 7 (Reporter Yan Pengyu) According to the news released on the 7th of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Black Sea Fleet "Essen Navy" frigate completed the protection of the Crimea ship from simulated imaginary enemy cluster attack The drill.

  According to the news, during the exercise, the Black Sea Fleet Command Center received a message that flying to the Crimean Direction of the Crimean Peninsula.

The "Essen Navy" frigcy ship was quickly entered the warranty after receiving the enemy plane sent from the Fleet Command Center, and then destroyed using the air defense missile.

The message did not mention the specific time of this exercise, but it was said that the exercise was carried out in accordance with the established combat training plan of the Black Sea Fleet.

  The "Essen Navy will" frigate "to destroy enemy water vessels and vessels, submarines and ground facilities, perform patrol missions and defend offshore routes. It is equipped with a 3C14-type universal vertical transmitting device that can transmit a "caliber" "缟 agate" and "zircon" missiles.

  According to Russian media reports, the "Porter" destroyer of the equipment cruise missile and the "Whitney Mountain" commander of the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet is in the near future. The Russian Defense November 2nd reported that the deployment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Shipping Surva Missing Fire Bronze Surva Missing Burner in the Crimean Peninsula made a exercise, simulating the immersive water surface ship entered the black sea waters scene, destroying it. According to the Russian Defense Minister, Shaoju said that the Russian military is closely monitoring the US warship in the Black Sea, never allow any provocative behavior. (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.

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