The Education and Supervision of the State Council promotes the experience of foreign training supervision

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The Education and Supervision of the State Council promotes the experience of foreign training supervision

  On November 24th, the Ministry of Education of the State Council issued the "Notice on Promoting the Experience Practice of NET Training Supervision of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province". "Notice" pointed out that Jinhua City adheres to the first test, boldly explores, combined with the actual introduction of non-learning training institutions set standards, clarify the responsibilities of the competent department, and rationally approve the registration process, and work hard to achieve preliminary results. To this end, the Education Supervision Committee of the State Council issued the promotion of non-learning school training in Jinhua City to learn from all over the country. Jinhua as a "double reduction" work pilot city, always focusing on blocked points, actively responding to social concerns, persistence, strive to "double reduction" first exploration road, based on effective reducing the course of school, actively break into the campus After the long-term supervision of the training institution, the supervision problem, after 100% completed the disciplines of the disciplinary school training institution, the first four types of non-learning training institutions such as art, sports, technology and housing, etc. , All-round strengthen the supervision governance of the school training institution. The main person in charge of the Jinhua Municipal Education Bureau introduced that the total number of rows and comb, Jinhua have 5,160 foreign training institutions, 10,000 employees, including 1124 subjects, more than 4,000 non-disciplines. The experience of non-disciplinary school training supervision, Jinhua’s experience is mainly: strengthening the system to promote aggregation, and formulate a standard for standardization and innovation work. Jinhua has strengthened the system to promote the aggregation force through a pro-class operation, list management, centralized attack, and sinking supervision.

The leadership group of Jinhua Municipal Committee’s Education Work Leading Group, forming 6 special groups such as comprehensive coordination, after-school services, quickly forming the unified leadership of the party committee, the education department led to the total, relevant departments, and the work pattern of each other. Establish 6 lists of departmental liability list, recent task list, etc. Carry out "100-day centralized attack action" will carry out the "two-turn and one stop" governance, investigate and punish violations and schools are listed as an important assessment indicator, establish a monthly assessment notification system, and create a good atmosphere than the fight.

Establish a work mechanism of the city leaders to lead the leadership, specialist supervision, responsibility supervision and supervision, social power synergies and other working mechanisms. Since September 1, 30 copies were issued under the name of Jinhua Municipal Government Education Supervision Bank.

  Jinhua took the lead in introducing four non-learning training institutions such as art, sports, science and technology, and housing, providing follow-up for non-learning training institutions to regulate the corporate non-learning training institution.

Clearly organize the process, refer to the discipline management model, and implement localization management, the process of registering the industry authorities, the market supervision department or the registration of the civil affairs department, and implement a "one point" standard registration registration.

Clearly open standards, conduct clear provisions of the category of non-discipline training institutions, funds, institution names, venues, training content, teacher, etc. The payment requirements are specified, and the training institution shall not charge a training fee for more than 3 months in one time, encourage the implementation of the first training; the pre-charge supervision is taken according to cost pre-dialing, and the counting of consumption and the overcast transfer will be transferred. According to the principle of "according to law, blocking the combination, classification guidance, smooth ordered" principle, Jinhua Innovation "Contact + Touch" Dynamic Mastering, "Classification + Identification" Refining Work Standard, "Simplified + Connection" Optimization Process "Online + Line" Strengthening the Five "Way" Work Method of "Strict Troll + Notification" to form a shock effect, and strive to make training better return to the source of education. Up to now, 1124 family profit subjects training institutions have all charged, and the pressure reduction rate is 100%. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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