Tianshu: The first destroyed infectious disease "big magic"

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Tianshu: The first destroyed infectious disease "big magic"

  The world’s big plague revelation is 1157 BC, and the ancient Egyptian law is unfortunately killed.

He is having to be distinguished, he is suddenly dead, may only live 40 years old.

  According to the practice, the old body is produced into mummy, buried into the tomb.

After that, human beings continue to be in full swing, countless distant changes.

The old body of the law in the mummy "尸" more than 3,000 years.

  In 1898, this woody was discovered by archaeological, and he saw the day.

Open its moment, people shocked the chin: dry the surface of the body, and the pus scar is everywhere.

The lower half face, the neck, the shoulder is dense, and there is also the arm.

Each diameter is a few millimeters, up, color yellow … This method is old, is it died in the sky? ! The big devil is born by Lams West, which may be the earliest, the victim of the sky. However, he is not necessarily "zero patient."

It is still difficult to determine, where the sky is coming, now when it is. At the era of rare text, the clues are really difficult to find. About the origin of the sky, archaeologists can only guess according to historical fragments. It may appear more than 3,000 years ago, more than 6,000 years ago.

  One assumption is that the sky is in the Egyptian River Basin or the Indian Ganges River Basin.

The population is dense here, suitable for stable heels in the ceiling station. Since then, darkness Chen Cang is attacked into Asia and Europe.

  Compared to blurred origins, the end of the ceiling is clear: On May 8, 1980, the World Health Assembly resolution declared that the sky was destroyed globally.

This is the only human infectious disease that is eliminated so far. No matter how, the Tianshu’s torture and ivity is at least 3,000 years. In human infectious diseases, it is a well-deserved veteran big magic.

  Meet it, mean and the dead god.

  The infected person first is a fever, and it is painful.

In the mouth, a pustule is appeared on the tongue, saying that tomorrow flowers began to make a clear-eyed place. Along with fever, pus is running on face, arms, legs.

How long does it take? Cough, sneeze out of the foam, pustules broken juice, the beds of infected people, can become the way to become a new day. Sky flower, sky cavity.

Unfortunately, it has been turned over the brand, and ten have three life. Even surviving, it is often often due to permanent sore, and even can’t make birth, and the binocular is blind. How many people died in the sky? No one can say it. It can be determined that only the 20th century, the ceiling has plundered 300 million lives in the world. Who is helping to abuse? Trade, war is turmoil, population migration, civilization, is a threatened time to expand the ceiling. It is well versed, step by step.

  However, until the 15th century, the Tianshu Camp is still limited to Eurasia, West Africa, North Africa and other regions. In the 15th to 18th centuries, European greedy colonial expansion, spreading the sky to the new mainland to make a huge "contribution".

They with them, the same invaders, helping each other to abuse.

  In 1507, with the arrival of Spanish colonists, the sky was first in Haiti Island for the first time. The evolution of the ceiling plague, ruthlessly kill some indigenous tribes without immunization. It is the next to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico … The sky is like an endless sorghum, a wave is high, and the murder is like a hemp.

  At a century, the bad luck was repeated in the North American Indians. From the 17th century, the Tianshu followed the British, Law, and the lotion landed in North America, attacking unresponsive indigenous people.

In 1738, the sky took over the life of the Cherokee; 1759, almost half of the Carota died in the sky; 1837, the Tianshu swept the Columbia River Basin, and half of the indigenous residents were killed. In front of the sky, there is no immunity, Indians, live spirit, can they get "compensation" from European colonists? If you think, I am afraid there is only endless expelter, slavery and killing.

What is even more shocked is that some Europeans have got immunization, they actively spread to the Indians in the back of the Indians. In 1763, the North American British commander Jerffrey Armherst and the colonel, there was a notorious dialogue. "Can you give the sky to dissatisfied Indian tribes? Now we must use the strategies that we can use to reduce them." Asked Amhu.

  Ban Kuite replied: "I will try to use blankets that may fall into their hands, and pay attention to it.

"So this is, until the end of the 18th century, in addition to some small islands, the sky is successful to play the world.

  Millennium Grinding a sword – vaccine vaccine or vaccine I don’t know when, the ancients feel the temper of the sky: getting the sky, not suffering from the sin of the sky. In this case, why not use the sky and the sky? The weapon is hidden in the pus of the ceiling.

  About 1000 years ago, an quaint ceiling method may have quietly rise in Chinese folks: smash the sky, blow into the healthy nostrils. The ancient India passes through the skin vaccinated, and the same work is worn.

  It has been found that the symptoms are generally reduced compared to natural infections, and symptoms are generally reduced, and death is also greatly reduced. The sky is spreading, and the experience of anti-ceiling is also transmitted between civilization.

Historians believe that China and India ancient vaccination methods have been introduced into Egypt in the 13th century, and I have introduced into Europe in the early 18th century and gradually promoted.

  At the end of the 18th century, the sky raged around the world.

Among the deepest darkness, important weapons for dealing with the sky is brewing.

  In 1796, a British doctor named Edward Jenner found that the milking female worker who was infected by the vaccinia, and did not appear any lack of symptoms after vaccination.

  So, Jenner launched a bold experiment: he took some things from the smear of the milking female worker, and inoculated to the 9-year-old boy on the pps arm. Since then, Jenner has made Pedps contact the ceramic virus, but the little boy never suffers from the sky.

  The first vaccine in the world is born in the exploration of the ceiling. In 1801, Jenner published "the origin of vaccination", he predicted: eliminating the sky, the most terrible disaster of human beings, will be the final result of vaccination. Dawn, how can I stop? Find the ceiling vaccine, new puzzles followed.

How to provide a large number of ceiling vaccines? Try cultivating vaccine viruses on the cow and cracking this problem.

In the 1950s, scientists found a method of producing lyophilized vaccines.

This vaccine does not need a complex cold chain, the doctor put it in the medicine package for a month, still effective. The ceiling vaccine is promoted and the stone is pushed down.

  At this point, go before, after thousands of years, "花 宝剑" is finally quenched. Global teamed up to make a great success to become a sword in hand, just wait for a sheath.

The process is a three fold.

  In 1959, the WHW General Assembly decided to formally launched the plan, I hope that at least 80% of the population vaccinated the ceiling vaccine to let the world get rid of the sky. In the early 1950s, North America and Europe have taken the lead in except for the sky. But the input epidemic is constantly, they can’t be alone.

Regrettably, WHO continues to call on Member States to donate a ceiling vaccine.

  The country that is ravaged is not very positive. The project was conducted until the 4th year, and the ceiling was popular in 44 countries. Only 14 countries were taking action, and 22 implementation plans to stay on paper, and the other 8 countries were indifferent.

  Human is not active, the virus can be active. In 1967, more than 40 million cyclad cases in more than 40 countries were killed in more than 40,000 countries. Once you can’t, I have to come again.

At that year, the WHW General Assembly launched the "Enhanced Edition" of the Temple Plan. This time, the target is unchanged, and the difference is to emphasize all countries to participate. It is worth gratifying, this stage, the ceiling vaccine donation has increased.

From 1967 to 1979, 27 countries voluntarily donated 400 million doses of vaccines.

At that time, many Temple pops also achieved self-sufficiency in the spontaneous vaccine. The vaccine is promoted, and people who have lived in the sky in the world have finally have invisible strength.

  While vaccination, the monitoring and prevention of ceiling is enhanced.

All over the world, countless medical workers have embarked on the streets, and they are investigated by households. In time in the village, the case is isolated in the yard. Plan a day to advance, the sky is miraculously driven out of the human site.

10 years later, in October 1977, the last case of natural infection in the world appeared in Somalia. Since then, the global search of the ceiling lasted for two years, confirming this ancient fierce infectious disease, really squatting.

  Take the vaccine as a weapon and join hands to counterattack.

Jenner’s prophecy is finally true.

So in May 1980, the historical declaration of the resolution resolution of the WHO-That is the victory declaration of human beings.

  After thousands of years of life and death, the ceiling is from the way, and the end of the birth of the history, the end of the history of the history reveals the most sensible path and the most successful experience in the face of major infectious diseases. Convergence: On the one hand, the virus is the common enemy of human beings. To defeat it, we must join hands to cooperate, unify the action; on the other hand, the historical prophecy that has been confirmed, the vaccine is used as the "artifact" against the plague, it is The right choice.

  The sky is the first human infectious disease.

What about the next? .

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