The first Guangdong trade union social development theme exchange activities held in Guangzhou

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The first Guangdong trade union social development theme exchange activities held in Guangzhou

Trade Union Social Work Professionals are an important part of the Team of Social Work in Guangdong Province.

Since 2019, the provincial trade union, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the Provincial People’s Social Security Department have issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Trade Union Social Work Professional Team", implements the requirements of the reform and innovation of trade union systems, and strives to build a high-quality trade union society. Work professional talent team, providing employees with equity maintenance, dispute adjustment, difficult to help, employment assistance, education guidance, humanistic care, etc., better meet employee specialization, diversify, personalized social service needs, Provide powerful talent support for building a harmonious labor relationship. In particular, the provincial general trade union deployment supports the provincial township (street) trade union to hire social workers to establish a stable wage subsidies, and have made a lot of fruitful work in the construction of trade union social work system, trade union work research, excellent case selection promotion, etc. At the end of October, there were more than 3,400 social and cultural union workers in Guangdong Province to do all the towns of the province to allocate socialized union workers. More than 600 people holding a professional certificate of the social work, the permit rate is reached.

According to reports, the province’s union has emerged a number of social and chemical union workers with high political stations, good business capabilities and strong service awareness.

The trade union has been actively active in the grassroots first line, using social work professional concepts and methods to solve problems with the masses of the staff, and get the full affirmation of the grassroots party committees and the high recognition of the staff.

The provincial general trade union promotes systematic efforts to promote the professional qualification examination, professional training outlook system research, vocational training outline, trade union social work practice training, etc. Professional, professional transformation development.

Next, the Guangdong Trade Union will further strengthen the policies of the National Trade Union, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department and other units, providing more professional development space for the staff of the social and cultural workers; further matching professional power, strengthening and professional institutions, universities, experts scholars Close cooperation, continuously encompasses the abilities and levels of the workers in the employees; further integrate the advantages of trade unions and social workers, and further summarize the good experience of the grassroots work, and constantly explore the practice of practicing the development model of Guangdong union society. Add bricks to the work industry, contribute to the social industry.

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