Shuangun Town, Changfeng County: "Power Poor Guarantee"

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Shuangun Town, Changfeng County: "Power Poor Guarantee"

For the rivers, Zhou Lichang, the help of "poor pool" is undoubtedly a timely rain. Zhou Lichang has kidney transplant in April this year, and huge medical expenses let the family have not made it, knowing "poor poor protection". Medical On the basis of reimbursement, the reimbursement is carried out, and a family is not a good policy today. Since the launch of the "poor pool" work in Changfeng County, Shuangdun Town has held the "Package" work promotion meeting to launch villages to promote publicity, enhance the knowledge, satisfaction rate and participation rate of the masses; Actively dock the people’s department, do a good job in premium collection, and insured the booking.

Ding Yixia family, who lives in Shedun Town, the old town of Shuangdun Town, three, villages, villages, villain, taking into account their actual situation, calling the education and promotion of education and promotion of education in the comprehensive risk of "poor pool protection". I heard the commemoration of my son and I can get a one-time 2000 yuan of education. Ding Yixia said that thanks, I decided on the spot. It is reported that the "3 + N" combination program is adopted in the "3 + N" combination plan, in addition to the three must-active products, health, accidental injuries, has increased basic living security, household property losses, education and promotion subsidies, performance Guarantees a variety of self-selected insurance, customized services make products more user-friendly, meet the different needs of different families, and greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers.

On the recent investigation and dynamic monitoring, Shuangdun Town, Shuangdun Town, fully identified low-income groups in the town, and incorporates all 1561 low-income families in the whole town into the scope of protection. Since then, every year, according to the renewal of poverty monitoring information, timely dynamics Adjustment, do not leak a household, should guarantee, benefit allocate.

"Poor pool" has added a guaranteed line to prevent poverty in the source. It has provided strong support for the development of rural industries and ensuring the benefits of rural industries. It is conducive to the overtake in the country to be promoted to the rural revitalization, achieving multi-party win-win situation.

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