Taiwan’s social batch of US Taiwan military sales plan: "Do not have a weapon of vaccines"

5月 3, 2022 夜网

Taiwan’s social batch of US Taiwan military sales plan: "Do not have a weapon of vaccines"

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Taipei (Reporter Chen Juxing, Jiang Tingting) Announced on the US Department of Denections on Taiwan Military Sales Plan for $ 100 million.

In this regard, Taiwan media, people and ordinary netizens issued a warning from different angles, opposed the voice, criticized the United States, "hollowing the Taiwan", does not provide vaccines to sell weapons, and push Taiwan to the edge of the war. The Analysis of China Times said that, since a period of time, the United States and the Taiwan army sold "Anxious and fierce", whether the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China is asking for, or the US is a pro-service for the military fortress, leading to the Taiwan budget Eat tightening, can only take the belt of the trousers.

According to reports, the United States has been equivalent to the total amount of military sales in the past four years.

  Taiwan’s "China Strategic Society" researcher Zhang Jingban book media pointed out that we should seriously see the new alerts for the United States to sell the United States.

In the face of two strait contradictions, investment arms are the most helpless options.

The original sources, or to unlock the two sides of the relationship, stabilize the Taiwan Story.

After all, I still have to go to the contact, negotiating solving the problem, the sword is a plow. According to TZDD, China National Party’s public opinion representative Ma Wenjun said that the United States is like to force Taiwan to eat wrapped packages, not Taiwan originally want to buy.

  Ma Wenjun is painful, Taiwan people "Laofeng" (American pork with lean meat) is also eaten, the weapon is also bought, bought is still discontinued by the United States, every time they are "tray" (meaningful "Kaizi "" Fat sheep "). The National Conflict Representative Wen Yuxia said that Taiwan’s vaccines are far less, and the DPP should spend more effort to purchase vaccines. Taiwan netizens also leave a message to comment, "Please help the Taiwan epidemic prevention ability", "the United States sells no use weapons, accept protection fees, and continue to hollow". "

"Billion dollars, you can do it, don’t worry!" Taiwan netizens also shouted on the Ministry of Public Advanced Party. "Taiwan is not a weapon." The people have no money to eat, what weapons? "" The more you bought it more! "(Editor: Yuan Bo, Yan Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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