Spring style of spring should be bright

5月 4, 2022 夜网

Spring style of spring should be bright

How do you do what you want to make a sense of a ritual in the spring? The spring warm flowers, put on the bright color, especially the impact of the new life spray.

This issue provides you with two sets of spring-growing color matching combinations, with fresh and bright rhythm to embrace the beautiful spring and summer.

■ New Express Reporter Liang Yu / Wen (data picture) Focusa yellow + gray bright and deep, the gas field is unable to match the international color pop institution PANTONE released 2021 epidemic, is bright yellowness and ultimate ash (Ultimategray) ), This set of colors and spring gas fields do not match.

Bright yellow bright and cheerful, people who have a long-lasting excitement and warmth, can associate the spring day warm sun; the ultimate ash is the neutral colors of wild, representing stability and toughness, such as spring back to the earth can stand up. On color combination, yellow and gray will neutralize the bright and deep style, very harmonious.

The most common thing is that the yellow top is made of gray, not only visually comfortable as a spring breeze, but the light Ming Yellow can weaken the thickness of the clothes, and the stable gray can highlight the focus and highlight the body.

However, Ming Yellow is really difficult to control for Asians. If you want to wear a good color, pay attention to proper skin, or use other colors to make segmentation, let yellow look so awkward. Or use yellow to do embellishment, you can make the shape of the body as a lot of smart. ▲ Ming Yellow is a very strong color, easy to have a sense of spectacular, so the hierarchy of the model is particularly important. The most convenient way is to shape the layers, classic and high levels with printed and grid. ▲ Choose a lower yellow, light tones are also in line with spring scenes, and it is more likely to look. ▲ When choosing a large-scale yellow single product, the selection of texture is also particularly important.

The flat fabrics generally do not errors, such as cortexes with a glossy feel. Focusb orange + blue opposition and complementary, there is a feeling of full viewing this group of coloring is a bit difficult, but in fact, from the color of the colors, orange and blue are opposing complementary relationships, so it is also reasonable. . If orange is seen as a member of the big land color, then this set of color is more close to the role of the blue sky and the earth in nature, and it is more harmonious. The large-scale blue orange color of the bright, Gao Yan is colored, and the existence of a dazzling is full. But the spring is more suitable for the reduction in the color of the brightness, such as the deep naval blue-line, the brown orange, the brown orange, the contrast, and the gorgeous feelings will decrease, more soft and elegant.

Or change the brightness of one of the colors to match, can be neutralized and bright, more easy to stabilize.

It is also possible to add a large-area neutral color or colorless system, which will also reduce the color of the color contrast.

At the same time, pay attention to color ratio, don’t let orange account for too much, you will not be old, better.

▲ When doing strong comparison color, if you want to reduce the hard sense, you can join the same color to balance.

▲ The orange tone of the earth is more painful, and the blue and denim blue are also relatively difficult to complement the color match. If you are afraid of this group of colors, you can start with the items of these two colors. ▲ Blue is much more, orange is dotted, it will look very comfortable and energetic.

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