Taiyuan City notified an example of new crown virus nucleic acid positive detectors in the trajectory

5月 6, 2022 品茶

Taiyuan City notified an example of new crown virus nucleic acid positive detectors in the trajectory

  On November 4th, the Office of Taiyuan Xinzhang Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group issued a report, in the early morning of the 4th, the stone-crowned virus nucleic acid positive detection of new crown virus has been in Taiyuan, the city, county; Start emergency response, conduct investigation and control of incidence-related personnel such as Taiyuan South Railway Station, Taiyuan Long-distance Bus Station (East side of Wuyi Square), and fully kill the relevant key areas.

  The positive test from October 30th is in the sum of the travel trajectories as follows: 07:30 From Luzhou Bus Station, take Zhangzhou to Taiyuan Jin F02555 passenger shuttle 10:30 to Taiyuan Long-distance Bus Station (East Side of Wuyi Square 10:59 Take a taxi Jin AT1291 to Taiyuan South Railway Station 11:00 Taiyuan South Railway Station Wait 12:11 Take the D1670 (02 Car) to Shijiazhuang 13:38 Arrive at Shijiazhuang Station to do new crown epidemic prevention and control work, effectively control and Reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, Taiyuan City Prevention and Control Office prompts the general public: First, in the same occasion with the positive detection, there is a person who has intensive or exposed to the same time, please immediately prevent and control to the residential community (village), unit or genus prevention and control Report, actively cooperate with relevant management measures. Second, the close contact person and the secondary contact of the big data, the health code will be adjusted to "Red Code", implement centralized isolation medical observation; the simultaneous empty intersection personnel, health code will be adjusted to "yellow code" ", Immediately to the nucleic acid detection point for nucleic acid detection, and conduct 14 days self-health monitoring, and then do 1 nucleic acid detection when the health monitoring period is not necessary, and it is not necessary to participate in aggregation activities.

Please pay close attention to changes in your health, implement good health control measures, and adjust the health code to "green code" after the control measures. Third, please ask the general public to do personal health monitoring, once there is a fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, sniffing (taste) to reduce the suspicious symptoms such as newzigni, diarrhea, etc. Actively inform the history of travel, the history of contact, do not take the public transport on the way.

  Fourth, please pay close attention to the official authority release, do not believe, don’t pass the rumors, don’t make it. Perform good health first responsible person responsibility, strengthen personal protection, standardize wear masks, hard work, less gather, abide by cough etiquette, maintain "1 meter" social distance, full vaccination, protect yourself and family health.

  Taiyuan City and counties (cities, districts) Epidemic prevention and control Leading Group Office Contact: Taiyuan City 0351-12320 Xiaodian District 0351-7176291 Yingze District 0351-4090464 Xinghuoling District 0351-3382585 Nairiopang District 0351-564893 million古 源 市 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 0 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县 县

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