Suzhou Lingbi: "Triple" embroidered casting good culture revitalization

5月 7, 2022 上海419论坛

Suzhou Lingbi: "Triple" embroidered casting good culture revitalization

In recent years, Suzhou City Lingbi County resolutely implements the revitalization of the country’s revitalization, and strives to embroidered the "live" local culture, education "beauty" township civilization, strengthen the construction of grassroots cultural positions, and cultivate talents, and continuously enrich the foundation Cultural supply, enhance farmers’ style, Han Finxiang wind civilization, to revitalize the rural resolution.

"True silk" home is 虞 姬 奇 石 馗 馗 馗, 灵 璧 三 三 三 三Lingbi County as the historical and cultural city of Chu and Han battlefield, "the bottom is a bottom gas", the overlord, the ancient battlefield, Yu Ji sleeves Li Ling Yuxi, painted Lingbi County is compatible with cultural rhyme, giving spinach speakers, bell painting Waiting for 1 national, 7 provincial, 17 municipal levels, 93 county-level intangible cultural heritage resources, local specialty Zhongli painted as a national "hometown of civil cultural art".

Etiquet Huaishi County revised the "Village Regulations" and formulated the "Interim Provisions on the Prohibition of Party and National Public Offenders’ Big Economics" "" Lingbi County New Times Civilization Practice High Quality Construction Plan " The new era of the new era of Fu County, "Six themes" Promotional Manual ", give full play to the masses’ subjective role, party members and cadres lead, mobilize the enthusiasm of volunteer services, and promote the promotion of cultural revitalization. The county strengthens the construction of the position, promoting the construction of the school juvenile palace, "three halls" (library, cultural museum, museum), and the cultural service center of the township comprehensive cultural service center, village (community) level comprehensive service center, village-level "two rooms" The event site is perfect.

Pay attention to the cultural kernel, promote the wind, and establish a civilized countryside. Innovation guided Lingbi County to create a service-type boot mode, innovate the "New Times Civilization Practice High Quality Construction" project, through 16 institutions such as grid management, task list, joint contact, etc. welcome.

Always use the mass needs as a foothold, make full use of the new era civilized practice platform, for the masses "to", to "sing", stimulate the people’s participation, rural cultural revitalization, carry out more than 2,000 new era civilization practices At the event, nearly 300,000 people participated in the masses. (Zhang Hongxia) (Editor: Ouka, Gong) Sharing let more people see.

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