Tianjin: Maintaining the strategic and fixed system concept is unswervingly advanced to advance quality development

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Tianjin: Maintaining the strategic and fixed system concept is unswervingly advanced to advance quality development

Original title: Maintaining a strategic and fixed system concept is firmly unwavering promoting high quality development on October 22nd, the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal Committee held an expansion meeting, listening to the economic operation, social stability, ideology work in the first three quarters of Tianjin, research Deploy the next key task.

Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting pointed out that the city’s economy has stable in the first three quarters, steady and medium-sized, economic structure continuous optimization, new movable acceleration gathering, high quality development trend continues to consolidate.

Currently, the international and domestic economic development situation has many uncertain factors. It is necessary to adhere to the guidance of the socialist socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, complete and accurate and comprehensively implement the new development concept, and insist on steady and advance the total tone, maintain a strategic power, steady and stabilize, solid, and unswervingly walk the road to high quality development. .

It is necessary to adhere to the manufacturing of the city, vigorously develop the strategic emerging industries such as Xinmaster, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, and do the advantageous industries such as high-end equipment, and promote digital technology and the deep integration of the entity economy.

To lead the "double carbon" target, continue to promote the "871" major ecological engineering construction, and promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development. The meeting emphasized that economic work should enhance system concepts and arrest the capacity, and consolidate the basis of sustainable and healthy development. Thousands must ensure energy power supply, accurate fine scheduling, optimize an orderly power supply program.

Coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development, always tighten the string of the epidemic prevention and control, strictly grasp the control measures. Strengthen economic operation dispatch, focus on the city’s long-distance development, and coordinate planning economic elements. We must adhere to the people’s livelihood, for the position of the masses, enhance the people’s feelings, and patiently and met the people’s work, do a good job in heating, and ensure that the masses are warm. In the fourth quarter, the sprint stage of the whole year is to reluctantly rely on struggle, acting, brave as, good as a good act, emphasis on exercises, practicing skills, good deeds, paying close attention to the implementation of various work, and complete the annual target task. The meeting emphasizes that it is necessary to attach great importance to safety and stability, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", build a "protective city" in the capital, and strive to win the party’s 19th China Plenary Session Held a good social environment.

We must compare security and stable work responsibility system, and resolutely strive to combat illegal crimes and effectively enhance safety and stability effectiveness.

It is necessary to consolidate the grassroots foundation, weaving the grassroots gangs, pay attention to the investigation and resolution of contradictions in key fields, and do everything possible to solve problems for the masses.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the socialist thinking of China’s characteristic socialist thinking, implement the ideological work responsibility system, firmly understand the initiative, leading power of ideology, leading, active planning column, take the initiative to spread, vigorously sing Main melody. It is firmly occupied by the main position of the Internet, enhances the network management network of network management network, and innovates the form of publicity, and the mainstream public opinion is strong. (Reporter Wei Wei in Spring Festival) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing Let more people see client download.

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