Sichuan Guzhen: Inheriting "Lang" culture, blood newspaper China

Sichuan Guzhen: Inheriting "Lang" culture, blood newspaper China

"I sent my heart and the Mingyue, and I arrived until I went to Night Western.

"The Night Lang, who mentioned in Li Bai Shi, roughly position in some areas of Yun Guichuan today. Idiom" Night Lang "is used to describe people’s arrogance, giving people a little small.

In fact, the area of ??Night Lang Guo is not small, but it is less than a smaller Han Dynasty.

Guzhong County, Sichuan Province, is in ancient times in the country. Perhaps due to historical reasons, the "Lang" culture here is relatively heavy.

The Red Army Siuru Chinen has passed the ancient 蔺, leaving the historical allusion of the "eight hundred bumarks"; there is an Erlang Town in the county, producing a famous liquor brand Lang wine; the Kangland Middle School in the county, the school songs "The local website of the ancient 古, is called" Lang Net "; the abbreviation of the ancient 蔺, is called" Lang Township "… These are the strong proof of the ancient" Lang "cultural atmosphere. Obviously, this is not the same as many places – except for the title of "groom" in the wedding, people use this word to "Lang" in their daily lives.

It is not the case in ancient times.

"Lang" is an important vocabulary in ancient times, whether it is official or private.

For example, Han Xin has done "Lao Lang", Sima Qian has done "Lang Zhongzhi", Yuan Shao has done "Tiger", Du Fu has done "Whealth Outside Lang" … Many historical celebrities have a "one" in the official position " Lang "word.

After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the three provinces have been implemented, and the historical figures who have done "the waiter" are more like a cattle.

It can be seen that "Lang" is an important official name in ancient times. And in ancient civilians, "Lang" is also commonly used.

For example, idiom "Lang Yu" is the affection between the lovers, and the people familiar with the idiom "Qingmeizhu Ma" are also from the two poems "Lang riding bamboo males, and the bed."

And the folk story of "Cowherd Wales" is a household name, and "Lang" means a man.

The ancient woman said that the husband called "Lang Jun", or add a "Lang" word behind the husband to show respect and kind.

Others can also respect Zhou Yu "Lang", Zhou Yu, like the style, is called "Zhou Lang" by the world, leaving the "Three Kingdoms Zhou Lang Chibi" literary awards, and left " Music, Zhou Lao Gu "music talk. Search for an ancient poems or classic literature with the word "Lang", it will find that this word is very important in ancient times. But with the rise of modern white words, people use its frequency getting lower and lower, generally with the word "man" or "man" without emotional colors.

In this way, it means more shallow, but it has also lost Chinese original rich connotation and charm. As a military big county, the ancient teritles have a glorious tradition.

As a double-edged model county, the ancient "Lang" culture is passed on the new era. In the eyes of the local cadres, "Lang" is not just a title, or a cultural spirit.

The generation of the ancient Chinese is a good tradition of the ancient Chinese – the gong Yong Wuyang has just generous and hurt, dare to go to the Tang Guofa Guard, carry forward the social energy; the girl is gentle and good, and the people can do more and pay attention to the home, inherit the home. In the ancient 蔺, the traditional "Lang" cultural development is more solid. "It’s not afraid of wind and snow, my Chinese children bleed from tears …" The new red song, sang the Chinese patriotic spirit.

The tender text is the melody of the 铿铿 是, showing the Warriors of the Chinese boys.

This song is hot online, and there are countless classes of children are learning to sing, and the Chinese Xiaojian will thrive.

(Responsible: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Sichuan: Further do a good job of influence in the problem of problems

Sichuan: Further do a good job of influence in the problem of problems

People’s Daily November 12th (Yuan Yizhen) According to the website of the Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Office, today, the Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau issued a notice on the basic living security of the people affected by the problem (hereinafter referred to as "Notice").

Notice is clear, the civil affairs department at all levels must fully understand the complexity and uncertainty of this round of epidemic, compressing the difficulties of the mass, the basic life of the mass guarantee political responsibility, the bottom line thinking, enhances working kerity, and implementing the declined assistance policy , Use your heart to protect the basic life of difficult people. At the same time, the notice emphasizes that according to the relevant document requirements, the various rescue policies will be implemented, and they are issued to people, and resolutely prevent the extreme events of social morality and psychological bottom lines.

In addition, the civil affairs department at all levels should fully explore the living conditions of the rescue target in the jurisdiction, which causes the basic life of basic life.

A rescue object that is increased to the extent to which the discharge is increased, and the temporary rescue fund will be issued by improving the level of assistance; the difficult people who have a rescue demand will initiate a rescue process in time. Regarding the assistance standard, the notice is clear, the civil affairs department at all levels should determine the temporary assistance standard according to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the per capita rescue standard must not be lower than the minimum living standards for urban and rural areas, and no more than the local moon. 6 times more of the minimum living standards, low-cost objects, special difficult personnel, poverty poverty population and epidemic, have no participation in dysfunction, and temporary rescue standards must not be lower than the minimum living standards in local months; Patients with new coronal pneumonia in the basic life, the rescue amount must not be lower than three times the minimum living guarantee standard for urban and rural areas. For the difficulty of encountering major life, it can take a good way to improve the bailment quota.

In addition, for the notification requirements, the civil affairs department at all levels should increase the information disclosure, smooth online, and actively guide the difficulties of rescue demand through the provincial government service integration platform, Sichuan civil affairs WeChat public account, Tianfu rescue APP Apply for assistance in the line.

Finally, the notice emphasizes that the influence of the epidemic will enter an emergency state or incorporate controlled area, against the problem of difficult mass epidemic prevention materials, the shortage of living materials, and other major risk hazards, the civil affairs department at all levels should be reported to the local party committee, the government and the competent department Responsibilities are disposed of to ensure that things are not discontinted. (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing More people see.

The police of the earthquake rescue, the police worked "Blood Clothing" and ran overnight.

The police of the earthquake rescue, the police worked "Blood Clothing" and ran overnight.

Wang Yao Yao, who is wearing "bloody clothes". Dong Daixprprues took the investigation to Zhoujiaxiang, Wang Yaoyao found a house in a house.

In the door, I learned that the household has a middle-aged woman sitting in a wheelchair, her mother-in-law and his son have thoughtfully pushed her out, the alley of the helpless, blocked, a family No way.

"Take care of your grandmother!" Wang Yao is interrupted, telling the boy to take his grandmother walking in front, his middle-aged woman standing on a wheelchair, and taking his hand to push the child’s grandmother, step on the collapsed wall.

"My family’s waist is hurt, can’t stand up." On the way to check, there is a middle-aged man to ask for help. After Wang Yao Yao and colleagues rushed to the scene, I saw a sixty-year-old man lying on the ground, can’t move, and pain made her can’t help but send a burst.

Seeing, Wang Yao Yao quickly found a wooden board, laying a blanket, and his colleagues were carefully moved to the wooden board, and turned around to the county hospital. There are more and more policemen in the LCR reunion, and the investigation work is also rapidly promoted. At 4 o’clock in the morning, after the investigation is two times, Wang Yaoyao and colleagues have to be briefly stopped.

Tudian "Network Policy" real-time handling netizen message

Tudian "Network Policy" real-time handling netizen message

Recently, the reporter learned from the Datanan Autonomous County University Data Development Bureau that the county fully exerted the "network assessment" bridge linkage, listening to the people, handling practical things, solving the problem, and promoted the general cadres for the masses. Do practical affairs. The county climbed the needs of the masses, relying on the "network assessment" and integrated media platforms, counties and township party, and the collective group settled in real time to leave a message.

All units "pick them up to turn", so that netizens realize "one end in hand, life is worry-free", and continuously improve the effectiveness and satisfaction with the masses. Since this year, Dubi network political politics platform has effectively handled 30 various consultations, basically realizing the problem of mass problems within 10 days. The county data development bureau adheres to "Everything is going to do, always do with heart", carefully and detachable process, and accept the problem of the masses, guiding the townships, departments to implement the special person responsible for 12345 convenience hotline work orders Solve the rational demands of the masses. Clarified the salesman regularly conducts the quality return visit, from the work order accepting, returning to the evaluation, supervision and inspection, etc. The problem can be implemented, and it is better to play the "barometer" role of the 12345 hotline.

Up to now, there are 594 working orders in Tudan, and 547 pieces have been completed. The work order is flied in time, timely signage rate%, and the retreat is 100%, and the rate of receiving rate is performed on time. (Reporter Qing wants Lin correspondent Wu Yunqing) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yu).

Tianjin wedding service standard on the road! "Wedding Tour" is hard to mix

Tianjin wedding service standard on the road! "Wedding Tour" is hard to mix

  Tianjin Northern News: "The last year is a royal family. Recently, the family has registered a member in a marriage agency. I have found two married companies. I don’t know if this time will be white." After several blinds, Mr. Sun said helplessly told reporters. Standards) will be implemented soon, and the city’s marriage service market will have a strong norm.

  Li Dai, who lives in Heping District, told reporters: "The son has been 40 years old, or a single person, I have found five or six marriage agencies for my son, but most of them are finished, I have two or three times, I have never been information.

"In the interview, many consumers also have similar experience. Miss Chen said:" When consulting, the wedding company is particularly enthusiastic, three days and two calls, but when they finish the money, the attitude is gradually frightened. Some intermediary commitments can not be refundable, but when you want to refund, they have a variety of reasons.

"In recent years, marriage introduction market demand is large, and after 80, the ratio of prosecuting divorce after 90 is getting higher and higher, and some weddler institutions have paid, and they will be chaotic, privacy, and the chaos of ‘wedding. . "The Director of the Secretariat of the Municipal Family Service Industry Association said in an interview.

"Through the statistics, associations in recent years, the association has found that since 2016, the quality of home cleaning service quality standards, baby care service quality standards, maternal and child care service quality standards, and family service enterprise level assessment standards are after four local standards. The relevant market has been effectively purified. Tianjin family service industry service quality standards, clear home service content such as home cleaning staff, monthly, baby nurse (member), home care provider, etc., stipulate the service level of the family waiter and each The level of family waiters should know the theory and skills of the meeting, so that the relevant complaints have dropped by about 50%. "Introduction to Yaohong," In view of this, the association started the local standard for marriage service in 2018 – Marriage Service The norm is expected to be introduced and implemented in the near future. This standard clarifies the tracking and complaint processing, service quality improvement, and measures for the quality of the marriage service. It is targeted that preventive measures such as service goals, implementation of services such as service, eliminating the situation that is unqualified in service and urges continuous improvement, and also contains contract demonstration text. .

These will strive to standardize the wedding service market to better maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Wedding service has standard processes, can standardize the purification of marriage markets, enhance the benign impact of marriage service institutions, and improve the satisfaction of marriagers, thus enhance the happiness index of social family harmonious. "(Jin Yun News Edited Liu Ying).

Tajikistan President Rachmond Meet Wei Fenghe

Tajikistan President Rachmond Meet Wei Fenghe

Rachmond said that in recent years, the two countries in the Tower have been striving to cooperate in progress in cooperation in China.

The Tower congratulated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, and the great achievements made in China were sincere and hoped to continue to strengthen friendly cooperation in all areas in the tower.

The Tower is sincerely thanked China to support the support assistance in the military security. We will jointly fight the "three power" in the military security.

Wei Feng and said that in the leadership of the President Xi Jinping and the President’s Strategies, the China Tower’s comprehensive strategic partnership has developed highly.

China firmly supports the efforts of the Tower to maintain its own sovereign security, thank the Tower’s strong support in the core interests of China, and willing to promote pragmatic cooperation in all areas of the two troops. At present, with the situation in Afghanistan, China is willing to strengthen the anti-terrorism cooperation with the Tower, jointly prevent the terrorist activities from spreading, and combine terrorists to actively contribute to regional peace and stability.

On the morning of the 27th, the Ministry of Defense Minister Millzo for Wei Feng and held a welcome ceremony and conducted a formal meeting.

On the 26th, Millzo personally greeted Wei Feng and a line of airport.

"People’s Daily" (July 28, 2021) (Editor: Chen Chen, Han Qing) Share more people to see.

Two provinces in Sichuan: Yangtze River protection still exists

Two provinces in Sichuan: Yangtze River protection still exists

[] [Binal No.] [] The Central Fifth Ecological Environment Protection Insugation team announced on the 13th of Sichuan Province. Inspector, Sichuan Province fully hits pollution prevention and control, building an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, collaborates to promote high-quality development of high quality development and high-level protection of the ecological environment, great work, but has a significant effective ecological position with Sichuan Province Compared with the important mission, the work still has a gap with the party’s current demand and the people’s expectations.

  The Inspector Team pointed out that some places and departments implement the ecological priority, and there is also a gap between green development.

Since April 2018, Meishan City has developed a real estate project in the Heilongt drinking water source protection area. Only Long Island Future City, Tianfu Ecological City, two districts in the construction and completion of 1097 buildings, covering an area of ??approximately 3222 mu.

Since 2020, Leshan City has not been supervised on "two high" projects. In the case of energy-saving review, 16 high-end brick ceramics production line technologies such as high-end wall brick ceramics production line has not been approved. establish. The inspectors are called, and the Yangtze River protection repair still has a short board. Horse and chemical projects in some industrial parks along the river.

In Yibin City, Jiang’an County Industrial Park is outside the scope of the national announcement catalog, and has started 5 chemical projects such as 50,000 tons of chlorinated titanium white powder expansion projects. Some projects break through the Yangtze River flow 1 km red line.

  The inspectors found that there was still highlighted problems in Sichuan Province.

Sichuan Scenic Scenic Area Protects Random and Rules, 15 National Level, 78 provincial-level scenic spots, 5 and 25 overall planning have not been approved, and the issue of violation construction is frequent. The Inspector Group also found that the centralized collection rate of urban urban living sewage in Sichuan Province is%, lower than the national average.

The Xinning River is directly rushed to Xinning River in Kaijiang County City, Dazhou City, leading to serious deterioration in the province of Dashibao Pingqiao, the lower reaches. Sichuan Province attaches great importance to this inspectoric work, promoting inspector and reform, solving a large number of people stand out of ecological environment.

  The Inspector Group also combed in the investigation of the discovered ecological environmental damage, and has been handed over to the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, December 13 (Reporter Gao Jing, Tian Zhongquan) The Third Ecological Environment Protection Inspection team announced on the 13th of Hubei Province.

Inspector, Hubei Province, in-depth promoting the Yangtze River Protection, beautiful Hubei construction took a solid step, the work strength was large, but it has achieved greater results, but compared with the people’s expectations of the beautiful ecological environment, Hubei Province still has a certain gap. Some of the urgent ecological environment needs to be resolved.

  Inspector, some leading cadres lack enough understanding of the importance of the ecological environment and the urgency of high-level protection, grasping the ecological environmental protection, "said it is important, busy."

Jingzhou City relaxed along the "Glycified Movement" along the Yangtze Chemical Enterprise, the list of enterprises reported on the counties and cities is only non-verified, and the relationship is not strict, and some should be included in the listing enterprises. Yichang City Changyang Flower Shui Bank Kangsuo Tourism Co., Ltd. has long been illegally digging mountain quarry for long-term in the form of risks and venue.

  Inspector, the Yangtze River is still a short board.

The province’s co-transportation and corporate layout is not in place. Some places have not implemented "strictly forbidden pollution industries, the enterprise to the middle of the Yangtze River," introduced some of the pollution of chemical projects.

The water environment infrastructure short board is obvious.

Hubei Province sewage pipe network history is much more affordable, and there are problems such as pipe network is wrong, missing, mixing, mixing.

  The inspector found that some lakes in Hubei Province had nothing to do.

The "Hubei Provincial Lake Protection Ordinance" promulgated in 2012 clearly requires the preparation of lake protection plan, but most local actions are slow, and some lake protection details are not prepared.

Some of the approved planning status investigations were not true, and the protection measures made were not in place. When Xincian District, Wuhan City was preparing Zhu Jiahu to protect the plan, the situation of the lake was taken only, and there was no specific requirements or measures for the lake. The lake function of the lake in the west side of Zhujiahu did not recover. Inspector also found that some stone mining companies re-exploit the light repair, and the ecological damage problem has been made. Suizhou City Fu Shangshi Industrial Park is unordered, and the ecological repair is not in place. Hubei Province attaches great importance to the inspectors, and the side of the supervision, the standing and standing, and carefully handles the masses.

  The Inspector Group also combed in the investigation of the discovered ecological environmental damage, and has been handed over to the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in accordance with relevant regulations.

(Editor: Yang Wei).

Russian media articles: Americans use vaccines as weapons, Chinese people take vaccine to save the world

Russian media articles: Americans use vaccines as weapons, Chinese people take vaccine to save the world

On November 8th, Russian Free Media Network published the author of Constantine Olissi, the article "The American vaccine as a weapon, the Chinese people took the vaccine to save the world", the full text is as follows: new crown virus It has taken more than 5 million lives.

The rich country affords the expenditure of vaccines and treatment, and does not get the poor countries of medical resources and developing countries, can only slowly go to the dead. Only China strives to break this vicious circle and provide assistance to hundreds of countries.

Luo Zhahui, Director of China International Development Corporation, announced that China has provided more than 1.5 billion vaccines, benefiting 106 countries and 4 international organizations this year. In terms of vaccine free assistance, China is a well-deserved world. China also launched a vaccine joint production with 16 countries.

More than 80% of Cambodia has vaccinated the first new new crown vaccine, most of which were purchased from China, and some vaccines were donated by the Chinese government and Cologne.

China is also the first country that provides new crown vaccine to the Philippines.

Some experts in Europe and the United States are still safe and effective as Western vaccines, but the World Health Organization has included China National Drug and Cuixing vaccine in an emergency list. Chinese officials introduced the research data of the local scientific research team of Sri Lanka, 95% of the groups in the country’s Chinese drug new crown vaccine, have produced antibodies.

Russia issued a new version of "National Security Strategy"

Russia issued a new version of "National Security Strategy"

  This newspaper Moscow on July 8 (Reporter Zhang Guangzheng) Russian President Putin recently signed the presidential order, approve the new version of Russian "national security strategy." "National Security Strategy" is the highest level guidance document in the field of Russian national security, which is used to determine Russian national interests, national strategic priorities and national security measures.

The last version of the "National Security Strategy" was introduced in December 2015. According to the new "National Security Strategy", Russia’s national defense will prepare for the provision of national territory, and create conditions for national social and economic peaceful development.

In order to promote the development of Russian economic development, improve the quality of life, Russia will take comprehensive measures in the fields of population, medical, poverty alleviation and environmental protection. In the future, Russia will continue to work hard to reduce the dependence on imports of imports. The new "National Security Strategy" pointed out that Russia’s foreign policy is committed to stabilizing the international relations system based on the principles of international law, deepens multilateral cooperation, and jointly solves international and regional issues in the framework of the United Nations and Council.

Russia will continue to develop a comprehensive strategic partnership with China’s new era, jointly safeguard the peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and continue to deepen cooperation with members of the Organization and BRIC countries. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Niu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The people’s buildings are the new way to explore diversified housing security.

The people’s buildings are the new way to explore diversified housing security.

In August 2017, the Ministry of Land, the Ministry of Housing and Construction jointly issued the "Utilizing the Construction Lease Housing Pilot Program". After three years, the pilot initiatives were gradually settled, and the exploration of the development of the universities into the market, improved the system construction, smooth multi-party participation channels, continuously in practice for the rich lease market, and enhancing the experience of residents living in residents. Experience. Currently, multiple collective land construction rental housing projects are carried out. Over the past 3 years, what positive progress is made? What can be promoted, can be reproduced? Many experts said in an interview with reporters that exploring the use of collective construction sites in accordance with the planning of rental housing, and promoting the establishment of a urban-rural unified land market, increase the supply of rental housing, and play a positive role in the far-rented countryside. With the construction of rental housing, collective land leasing housing will give more affordable features.

The construction of breaking obstacles is constantly improving rental housing is an important part of my country’s construction housing security system. Among them, the market of collective land can not only effectively supplement the rental supply, but also an important measure to protect residents’ residential needs and stimulate urban vitality. In the past three years, from the central to the local, from the system construction to the landing pilot, all the investment of collective land "into the market" will continue to introduce the use of institutional guarantees for universal collective business construction.

In August 2019, the 12th meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress finalized the newly revised "Land Management Law" was implemented on January 1, 2020. Compared with this, the new "Land Management Law" has been deleted "Engage in non-agricultural construction must use state-owned land or the original collective land of state-owned original land", which clarifies industrial, commercial and other collective business construction land owners. Through the use of letting, rent, etc., the use of the unit or individual is used to crack the legal barriers of rural collective business construction land. In April of the same year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on Building a more complete marketing system," proposed a number of requirements in the "establishing a unified construction land market for urban and rural areas", which gives the collective land reform to give more actual landing levels Clear path and guidance. Including, "Investigation of the Guidance of Rural Collective Construction Land", "Expanding State-owned Land Handling Use Scope", "Establishing the Value Added Revenue Distribution System Income in Farmland". Not only that, but each pilot city collective construction land construction leased housing pilot program has been approved and gradually. At present, the turbine leasing projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have started, and different degrees of progress have been made.

Data show that since 2017, the country’s 18 collective land rental housing pilot cities launched over 150 pilot project site.

Among them, Beijing has 39 collective land rental housing project started, can provide more than housing units, two projects have been put into operation.

The end of October, Hefei’s first use of collective construction land for the construction of rental housing apartment project foreshore come open and operating, total construction area of square meters, built 514 sets of rental housing.

In addition, the collective construction land rental housing pilot projects Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have started the implementation of the future is expected to have more pilot projects into the operational phase. "With the construction of rental housing pluralistic system, the collective land rental housing will play a more affordable functionality." Huang Hui, senior analyst at Shell Research Institute, said there had collective land poor mobility, low utilization situation. Through the construction of collective land rental housing, to break the urban-rural dual structure, to alleviate the rental housing supply and demand and revitalize the rural collective land idle play an active role. Parties involved in the construction of new paths to explore pilot three years, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, including 18 pilot cities pilot.

Among them, Beijing as the first pilot city, not only to achieve the market success of the first pilot projects, but also to provide more reference experience for the other cities.

As early as September 2011, Beijing took the lead in the Ministry of Land and approval of collective land to build rental housing pilot.

In this round of the pilot, the Beijing policy first, around collective land rental housing pilot project has introduced a number of management policies, and actively explore market-oriented operation mechanism, a one-time subsidies by supporting measures to encourage the parties to participate in the main building. We have achieved a breakthrough in the progress of the project, the effect and operation mechanism. In July, the country’s first collective land lease community project Chengshousi Beijing officially put into operation. Joint venture project in northern region deputy general manager of Vanke Group has Wei said that as a pilot rental housing project in Beijing the first collective construction land, the project can proceed smoothly with government support policies to promote and broaden the channels for enterprises to participate in the construction of affordable housing , a useful attempt in exploring the collective land market-oriented operation.

According to reports, the project, the village collective project Chengshousi lease the right to operate private enterprises in cooperation with the way, 45 years of management rights and benefits after the transfer of the right to carry out the project will be built by the construction company responsible for the pre-investment and post-operation. On the income distribution, the two sides agreed on the minimum amount of annual income payments. If earnings exceed expectations, the village collective also receive a certain percentage of excess returns.

Director of the National Development and Strategy Institute for Urban and Real Estate Research Center of Renmin University of China expressed great condition, collective land shares not only intensive farming collective land rental housing, utilizing idle land collective efficacy, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm of rural collectives and farmers, protect farmers’ rights and interests, to obtain higher than the rate of return on agricultural production.

Huang Hui told reporters, after exploration, collective land rental housing project currently has formed four kinds replicable model of cooperation.

Including: a solid economic foundation rural collective self-investment and construction; rural collective land use rights shares, of joint ventures with state-owned enterprises building; village collective project-management rights for rent to cooperate with private enterprises in construction; collective land into the market pilot areas state-owned enterprises and private enterprises direct purchase of rural collective construction land use rights.

"Most villages lack the collective operation and management capabilities, to market-oriented institutions involved in operations have a greater demand, both the construction and operation of collective rental housing through the joint venture, shares, etc., can give full play to their respective advantages, security projects successfully market operations.

"Huang Hui represents the continued exploration experts: to promote the standardization of the construction project after three years of development, collective land rental housing in the pilot standard management mechanism, improve the operational mechanism, to achieve a breakthrough in product design iterations and so on.

But overall perspective, development of the industry is still in the early stages of exploration development, institution building, business models and other parties yet to continuous improvement in inspection. Speaking to reporters Zeng Wei, the occupancy rate is an important indicator of commercial property affecting operations stability, distance from the heart of the city, surrounding the extent of complete and perfect and so will some impact on the occupancy rate for the land, the future expansion of community building long-term lease and an important factor to consider when operating. Experts pointed out that the market forces to participate in the collective land rental housing construction has been initially explored a possible execution paths. But there are still relatively low degree of standardization projects, large-scale promotion is subject to the issue of collective land transfer case and so on. Huang Hui said that although the policy to encourage a large number of real estate development enterprises have obtained land and collective self-sustaining land for development policy rental housing project, but the project still faces a future of low investment in high-yield, lack of operating experience and other large rental community Practical problems.

Since no collective land ownership, corporate collateral subject to a single way of gaining access to debt financing also brings some difficulties. In this regard, he suggested that, in terms of institution building, to further clarify the distribution of benefits and mechanisms of cooperation process, establishment of corporate policies and the village collective system, promote information transparency.

To lease the actual needs of groups, collective land rental housing to further improve product design standards.

In addition, the proposed attention rent tax collection ratio of enterprises, strengthen the collective land leasing companies financial support, and promote the sound development of the industry.

For the enterprises themselves, "In the future, you need to further clarify the target audience positioning, product of continuous iterative optimization customer base around the living experience, explore and optimize the business model the way they operate, stable long-term lease communities live." Said Huang Hui .

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