Twee afdelingen: focus op het hoogwaardige voedselproject met de "zes belangrijke verbeteringsacties"

Twee afdelingen: focus op het hoogwaardige voedselproject met de "zes belangrijke verbeteringsacties"

Originele titel: het invoeren van kwaliteitsvoedingsproject, van de 29e van "zes proeverijacties", wordt op de hoogte gebracht van het ministerie van Financi?n, om hoogwaardige voedseltechniek verder te bevorderen, het ministerie van Financi?n, het Nationaal Voedsel- en Materiaalreserve, en Uitgegeven "op de diepgaand promotie van kwaliteitsvoedingsproject" meningen (hierna "meningen" genoemd), "zes belangrijke verbeteringen", "14e vijf-jarig plan", "145", "voorstellen" 145 "," "145" Upgraded-versie van de periode, versnellende ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit van de graanindustrie. Specifiek moet de opslagmaatregelen voor het gebied van voedselgroene opslag vertrouwen op de bestaande food-opslagbronnen, de upgrade van het lokale systeem aanmoedigen om de opslagfaciliteiten te upgraden om te voldoen aan de behoeften van "uitstekende voeding en besparingen"; bevordering van groene opslagtechnologie, verbeter de online monitoring en intelligente besturingsfuncties van graan, verbeteren de kwaliteit van de voedselkwaliteit van de opslagverbinding. De kwaliteitsmerkverbetering van voedselvari?teiten moet het incentive-mechanisme van de stroomfeedback versterken en de acquisitie van hoogwaardige en hoogwaardige marktorde bevorderen, de voedselvoorraadstructuur optimaliseren. Graankwaliteit Traceerbaarheidsactie moet het functionele en inspectie- en bewakingssysteem van voedingskwaliteit en veiligheidsbewakingssysteem verbeteren, de constructie van het graan- en olie-standaardsysteem versterken, het inspectiesysteem van de voedselkwaliteit optimaliseren. Stel het inspectiesysteem van de voedselkwaliteit vast en verbeter het inspectie van de voedselkwaliteit om het onderzoek van voedselkwaliteit, kwaliteitsmeting- en veiligheidsrisicobewakingsdiensten uit te voeren. Formuleer de met terugwerkende kracht van "goede korrelolie" -producten, afhankelijk van ondernemingen om het product traceerbaarheidsplatform van "goed graanolie" op te zetten. Graanmachines apparatuur Enhancement actie zou de belangrijkste voedselmachines apparatuur onafhankelijk onderzoek en ontwikkeling en promotie kunnen verhogen, upgrade om voedselopslag-mechanisatie, automatisering, intelligentie, milieubescherming apparatuur en "kwadrant" transport, container vervoer, afgewerkte product graan koude ketting transport apparatuur wachten, Transformeer de upgrade van de productielijn van de graanverwerking, verbeter het productieniveau van industrie-gekke graanverliesapparatuur en bevorder het gebruik van het gelokaliseerde verwerkingsapparatuur.

De verbetering van de capaciteit voor voedsel noodbescherming moet de productie van voedsel noodzakelijk, verwerking, logistiek en opslagcapaciteit verbeteren, de noodfunctie "Good Grain" uitbreiden, de voedselverzekering verbeteren, het lokale supportnetwerk voor voedsel noodzakelijk verbeteren, de graanbewakings- en vroegtijdige waarschuwings- en noodopdracht versterken , Verbeter de gebruikelijke service, veilig behoud, waarschuwingssysteem voor noodgevallen. Werkbesparing Verminderde gezondheidsverbeteringsactie pleit voor voedingsstof, evenwichtig, gezond consumptieconcept, voer de hele samenleving uit om van voedselkorrel, diepgaand "love food festival" in de gemeenschap te houden, het gezin binnen te gaan, de school binnen te komen, Betreed de hal, enz. Om de reddingsgewoonten te cultiveren, cre?ert u een verspillende, besparingsfeer. (Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

Rethemrates, low-income villages in the West Taiping Village, Shifu Town, Fangshan District

Rethemrates, low-income villages in the West Taiping Village, Shifu Town, Fangshan District

Original title: The low-income village turned into "Net red card" Today, the West Taiping Village of Shidu Town has become a red land, which has a red gene.

Here is the important anti-Japanese base of Pingxi; "There is no new China without the Communist Party" is also born here. Here is the 12-faced red flag, the 12-year red flag of the national and even the country in the 1960s, there is a moving story of the six strong men, red back, red postage, red angels, etc., in addition to this, Fangshan also also Double function in urban development new districts and ecological condenses is the hinterland of "one core two wings". It is an important node on the development axis of the Beijing-Stone Stone. It is the key area of ??the maintenance of the central city, and the development prospects are broad. The potential is huge. Without the Communist Party, there is no New China Memorial. It is expected that in June, Beijing Youth Daily reporters walked into Fangshan and visited the residential development achievements in the district. The enhanced memorial will show the great course of the Chinese nation to stand, rich, and strong. "Without Communist Party, there is no new China …" "There is no new Chinese" memorial hall, and a crispy song has passed from the square, and the old man who has been seventeen is in the middle of Xia Yunling. The children sing this familiar song together.

It is understood that this is one of the "Yongyuan and Party" The theme of the "Forever and Party" The theme team, this time they deliberately invited the "No Communist Party without a new China" word song author Cao Lu Xing’s female Cao Hongwen, and children Relive this classic red song together.

  Cao Hongwen told Beiqing reporter. Her father Cao Mars created more than 1600 songs in a lifetime. He is known as "people’s musicians". I have a personal experience.

"Cao Hongwen said, because the lyrics said the people’s heart, they got the favorite of the people.

Father has educated her and "creates for people." The North Youth Daily saw that the memorial hall was still in the exhibition, and "I expected the opening of June, so stay tuned". According to reports, the promotion after the promotion of the Exhibition will create an immersive experience, through the song, through the story, show the great spiritual wealth to the vast audience. According to the plan, the new exhibition will be displayed by the above-mentioned panel, multimedia presentation, song link, and show the great history of the Chinese nation, rich, and strong, vividly reveal the people’s voice and historical melody. Although there is no opening, every time I came to visitors, the retired old secretary of Hutang, Li Zengjun always welcomed, telling them the story of the birth of the red song. From 2011 to now, Li Zengjun has been obliged to explain 10 years. "My family lives behind the house, followed.

"Li Zengjun said, because he received Cao Mars in 1994, he is very understanding of Cao Huixing’s creation, and also wants to tell this story to more people." Cao Moon This history does not have to write, the material is all in me In the brain. "Li Zengjun smiled and said that the content he explained was not a constant, but divided into different versions according to different" audiences ".

In the weekdays, Li Zengjun likes to read the newspaper, and will combine Cao’s stars and the current hotspots in the current situation, inheriting innovation.

This year, it is also in the founding of the party, and the old secretary Li Zengjun has more frequently speaking frequently. It is often 10 hours. Sometimes there are more people to "add". In the past, the low-income village turned today into "net red card", and the mountains were stacked, green wild, and a Bishui was embedded between the mountains.

Into the Taiping Tianchi Scenic Area, the mountain spring water is slowly flowing along the seven stone ribs, and the waterfall under the flow of flowers.

Step on the Tianchi Mountain, look around, the mountains are interlaced, full of green, stay in Yunyu first, and the water mist is like dragon, and the mountain reflects in the Tianchi, as if the fairyland will be included. In the macaque valley, hundreds of macaques whizzed in the canyon, and their positions were different, and they climbed. If everyone is unhappy, you can go to the water -side restaurant to comfort the five scent, the wild hand-made Huang Dormiture tea, and the tender and delicious stewed lake fish, taste the soil cakes from ancient times, will be full of mouth.

  This piece of foreign lane in the southwest of Jingjiao is the West Taiping Village, Shidu Town, Fangshan District, Beijing.

According to Huang Yueheng, the first secretary of the village, in the 1980s, the West Taiping Village is rich in raising sheep.

In recent years, in order to protect the ecology, the village collective takes the lead, since 2016, the West Taiping Village is guided by "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", and began to develop the tourism industry.

On July 31, 2020, the tourism industry of the West Taiping Village was officially opened, and it became the "net red card" of the new Jinjin. More than 7 million yuan in more than two months, directly driving the farmhouse, agricultural products more than 200 million yuan, resettlement of villagership employment 35 people.

  The "money bag" of the villagers drums, and it is more powerful. West Taiping Village continues to optimize the business environment, use the tourist scenic spot to create a tourism development platform, attract thinking, industrial gap, high value-added enterprises jointly develop, cooperate together. In 2020, the village introduced the "Old Beijing Fire Character" project in the village, focusing on building the "Taiping Fulu" literary brand, build a one-two-three-ortened fusion industry integrating handmade, catering and experience. "The village is not just the revitalization of the scenic spot.

Visitors are satisfied, and the villagers are happy to continue to develop.

Huang Yueheng, the first secretary of the Party branch of the West Taiping Village, told the North Youth Daily, and the West Taiping Village is a high-quality development path driven by a tourism industry. The introduction of decentralized sewage treatment projects, mixing domestic sewage and toilet sewage The medium water discharged after processing is in line with the Beijing discharge standard, and it can also carry out the secondary utilization. West Taiping Village also achieves 100% coal change in the village, using the air source heat pump to warm, and the health and environmental protection is also laid for winter tourism. The foundation.

  Beijing high-end manufacturing base industrial output value reached approximately 100 billion in Beijing, and one mentioned in Yanshan area, the first thing that emerged in many people’s mind is the picture of the refining Tower.

In the face of the new challenge of energy transformation, Yanshan also opened its own transformation and development tour, the graphene seed garden of the Beijing New Materials Science and Technology Industry Base is a successful case. The seed garden was officially signed at the 2019 graphene conference and completed in August 2020. The seed garden covers an area of ??approximately 15,000 square meters, setting the public service and research laboratory test platform to meet more than 30 enterprises research and production demand. At present, there have been 5 Beijing Jinne Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Eleng Technology Co., Ltd. and other five. The company took the lead in station.

It is worth mentioning that there is a "academician forest" in front of the seed garden, two trees are Li Yuliang, which specializes in the study of graphene, and the two academicians of the conclusion personally plant, this is the "Academician Lin" A batch of seedlings, planted the new "ethylene" looking for graphene future vision.

Today, the tree of "academician Lin" has been green, and companies in the seed garden are also growing. "The material of graphene is called the ‘New Material of Material’, which is like ‘seasoning’, scientifically add other materials, you can" make a good dish. ‘.

"Director Du Jin, director of the Beijing New Materials Science and Technology Industry Base Management Committee, told Beiqing reporters, Beijing Galley Oil Industry Innovation Center has built a relatively complete innovation system in recent years, and initially realizes the interaction of innovative chains and industrial chains. But Transform the techniques in the laboratory into samples, become a product, and then go to the market that can accept the goods in the market. If you need a process, the seed garden is "the place to become a product". Similarly, as a high-precision industry of Fangshan Important carrier and policy source, Beijing high-end manufacturing base focused on developing high-end manufacturing, 5G automatic driving demonstration application, medical intersection, intelligent emergency equipment, new energy, etc., is committed to cultivating an innovative ecosystem, enhancing innovative service capabilities, gradually forming Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone is the only specialty park with "high-end manufacturing". The base has enrolled 44 in Chang’an Auto, Jingxi Heavy Industry, Jingdong, Tianren Road and other enterprises, realizing nearly 100 billion yuan in industrial output. Among them, Beijing Jingdong Life Technology Industry Base Project is a major strategic project for the implementation of the "Tagged Beijing" strategy to promote the transformation of Internet of Things. The project is divided into the core competence center project of Smart Medical Center and Beijing Beijing Oriental Hospital project.

  This year, Ben Dongfang will continue to efficiently promote project progress based on the results of the previous work. Smart Medical Core Capacity Center Project 02 Plot has achieved structural capsules on January 27, 2021, is promoting the construction of secondary structures, and the construction of indoor projects and mechanical and electrical engineering in the third quarter, and promoted according to Jingdong "three five principles" Construction. Beijing Jing Dongfang Hospital Project 01 Plum is promoted by the relevant departments of the Fangshan District to complete the approval of land project, which is expected to be listed in 2021. Text and the reporter Liu Wei (editor: Mensus, Bao Congying).