Twee afdelingen: focus op het hoogwaardige voedselproject met de "zes belangrijke verbeteringsacties"

Twee afdelingen: focus op het hoogwaardige voedselproject met de "zes belangrijke verbeteringsacties"

Twee afdelingen: focus op het hoogwaardige voedselproject met de "zes belangrijke verbeteringsacties"

Originele titel: het invoeren van kwaliteitsvoedingsproject, van de 29e van "zes proeverijacties", wordt op de hoogte gebracht van het ministerie van Financi?n, om hoogwaardige voedseltechniek verder te bevorderen, het ministerie van Financi?n, het Nationaal Voedsel- en Materiaalreserve, en Uitgegeven "op de diepgaand promotie van kwaliteitsvoedingsproject" meningen (hierna "meningen" genoemd), "zes belangrijke verbeteringen", "14e vijf-jarig plan", "145", "voorstellen" 145 "," "145" Upgraded-versie van de periode, versnellende ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit van de graanindustrie. Specifiek moet de opslagmaatregelen voor het gebied van voedselgroene opslag vertrouwen op de bestaande food-opslagbronnen, de upgrade van het lokale systeem aanmoedigen om de opslagfaciliteiten te upgraden om te voldoen aan de behoeften van "uitstekende voeding en besparingen"; bevordering van groene opslagtechnologie, verbeter de online monitoring en intelligente besturingsfuncties van graan, verbeteren de kwaliteit van de voedselkwaliteit van de opslagverbinding. De kwaliteitsmerkverbetering van voedselvari?teiten moet het incentive-mechanisme van de stroomfeedback versterken en de acquisitie van hoogwaardige en hoogwaardige marktorde bevorderen, de voedselvoorraadstructuur optimaliseren. Graankwaliteit Traceerbaarheidsactie moet het functionele en inspectie- en bewakingssysteem van voedingskwaliteit en veiligheidsbewakingssysteem verbeteren, de constructie van het graan- en olie-standaardsysteem versterken, het inspectiesysteem van de voedselkwaliteit optimaliseren. Stel het inspectiesysteem van de voedselkwaliteit vast en verbeter het inspectie van de voedselkwaliteit om het onderzoek van voedselkwaliteit, kwaliteitsmeting- en veiligheidsrisicobewakingsdiensten uit te voeren. Formuleer de met terugwerkende kracht van "goede korrelolie" -producten, afhankelijk van ondernemingen om het product traceerbaarheidsplatform van "goed graanolie" op te zetten. Graanmachines apparatuur Enhancement actie zou de belangrijkste voedselmachines apparatuur onafhankelijk onderzoek en ontwikkeling en promotie kunnen verhogen, upgrade om voedselopslag-mechanisatie, automatisering, intelligentie, milieubescherming apparatuur en "kwadrant" transport, container vervoer, afgewerkte product graan koude ketting transport apparatuur wachten, Transformeer de upgrade van de productielijn van de graanverwerking, verbeter het productieniveau van industrie-gekke graanverliesapparatuur en bevorder het gebruik van het gelokaliseerde verwerkingsapparatuur.

De verbetering van de capaciteit voor voedsel noodbescherming moet de productie van voedsel noodzakelijk, verwerking, logistiek en opslagcapaciteit verbeteren, de noodfunctie "Good Grain" uitbreiden, de voedselverzekering verbeteren, het lokale supportnetwerk voor voedsel noodzakelijk verbeteren, de graanbewakings- en vroegtijdige waarschuwings- en noodopdracht versterken , Verbeter de gebruikelijke service, veilig behoud, waarschuwingssysteem voor noodgevallen. Werkbesparing Verminderde gezondheidsverbeteringsactie pleit voor voedingsstof, evenwichtig, gezond consumptieconcept, voer de hele samenleving uit om van voedselkorrel, diepgaand "love food festival" in de gemeenschap te houden, het gezin binnen te gaan, de school binnen te komen, Betreed de hal, enz. Om de reddingsgewoonten te cultiveren, cre?ert u een verspillende, besparingsfeer. (Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

Rethemrates, low-income villages in the West Taiping Village, Shifu Town, Fangshan District

Rethemrates, low-income villages in the West Taiping Village, Shifu Town, Fangshan District

Original title: The low-income village turned into "Net red card" Today, the West Taiping Village of Shidu Town has become a red land, which has a red gene.

Here is the important anti-Japanese base of Pingxi; "There is no new China without the Communist Party" is also born here. Here is the 12-faced red flag, the 12-year red flag of the national and even the country in the 1960s, there is a moving story of the six strong men, red back, red postage, red angels, etc., in addition to this, Fangshan also also Double function in urban development new districts and ecological condenses is the hinterland of "one core two wings". It is an important node on the development axis of the Beijing-Stone Stone. It is the key area of ??the maintenance of the central city, and the development prospects are broad. The potential is huge. Without the Communist Party, there is no New China Memorial. It is expected that in June, Beijing Youth Daily reporters walked into Fangshan and visited the residential development achievements in the district. The enhanced memorial will show the great course of the Chinese nation to stand, rich, and strong. "Without Communist Party, there is no new China …" "There is no new Chinese" memorial hall, and a crispy song has passed from the square, and the old man who has been seventeen is in the middle of Xia Yunling. The children sing this familiar song together.

It is understood that this is one of the "Yongyuan and Party" The theme of the "Forever and Party" The theme team, this time they deliberately invited the "No Communist Party without a new China" word song author Cao Lu Xing’s female Cao Hongwen, and children Relive this classic red song together.

  Cao Hongwen told Beiqing reporter. Her father Cao Mars created more than 1600 songs in a lifetime. He is known as "people’s musicians". I have a personal experience.

"Cao Hongwen said, because the lyrics said the people’s heart, they got the favorite of the people.

Father has educated her and "creates for people." The North Youth Daily saw that the memorial hall was still in the exhibition, and "I expected the opening of June, so stay tuned". According to reports, the promotion after the promotion of the Exhibition will create an immersive experience, through the song, through the story, show the great spiritual wealth to the vast audience. According to the plan, the new exhibition will be displayed by the above-mentioned panel, multimedia presentation, song link, and show the great history of the Chinese nation, rich, and strong, vividly reveal the people’s voice and historical melody. Although there is no opening, every time I came to visitors, the retired old secretary of Hutang, Li Zengjun always welcomed, telling them the story of the birth of the red song. From 2011 to now, Li Zengjun has been obliged to explain 10 years. "My family lives behind the house, followed.

"Li Zengjun said, because he received Cao Mars in 1994, he is very understanding of Cao Huixing’s creation, and also wants to tell this story to more people." Cao Moon This history does not have to write, the material is all in me In the brain. "Li Zengjun smiled and said that the content he explained was not a constant, but divided into different versions according to different" audiences ".

In the weekdays, Li Zengjun likes to read the newspaper, and will combine Cao’s stars and the current hotspots in the current situation, inheriting innovation.

This year, it is also in the founding of the party, and the old secretary Li Zengjun has more frequently speaking frequently. It is often 10 hours. Sometimes there are more people to "add". In the past, the low-income village turned today into "net red card", and the mountains were stacked, green wild, and a Bishui was embedded between the mountains.

Into the Taiping Tianchi Scenic Area, the mountain spring water is slowly flowing along the seven stone ribs, and the waterfall under the flow of flowers.

Step on the Tianchi Mountain, look around, the mountains are interlaced, full of green, stay in Yunyu first, and the water mist is like dragon, and the mountain reflects in the Tianchi, as if the fairyland will be included. In the macaque valley, hundreds of macaques whizzed in the canyon, and their positions were different, and they climbed. If everyone is unhappy, you can go to the water -side restaurant to comfort the five scent, the wild hand-made Huang Dormiture tea, and the tender and delicious stewed lake fish, taste the soil cakes from ancient times, will be full of mouth.

  This piece of foreign lane in the southwest of Jingjiao is the West Taiping Village, Shidu Town, Fangshan District, Beijing.

According to Huang Yueheng, the first secretary of the village, in the 1980s, the West Taiping Village is rich in raising sheep.

In recent years, in order to protect the ecology, the village collective takes the lead, since 2016, the West Taiping Village is guided by "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", and began to develop the tourism industry.

On July 31, 2020, the tourism industry of the West Taiping Village was officially opened, and it became the "net red card" of the new Jinjin. More than 7 million yuan in more than two months, directly driving the farmhouse, agricultural products more than 200 million yuan, resettlement of villagership employment 35 people.

  The "money bag" of the villagers drums, and it is more powerful. West Taiping Village continues to optimize the business environment, use the tourist scenic spot to create a tourism development platform, attract thinking, industrial gap, high value-added enterprises jointly develop, cooperate together. In 2020, the village introduced the "Old Beijing Fire Character" project in the village, focusing on building the "Taiping Fulu" literary brand, build a one-two-three-ortened fusion industry integrating handmade, catering and experience. "The village is not just the revitalization of the scenic spot.

Visitors are satisfied, and the villagers are happy to continue to develop.

Huang Yueheng, the first secretary of the Party branch of the West Taiping Village, told the North Youth Daily, and the West Taiping Village is a high-quality development path driven by a tourism industry. The introduction of decentralized sewage treatment projects, mixing domestic sewage and toilet sewage The medium water discharged after processing is in line with the Beijing discharge standard, and it can also carry out the secondary utilization. West Taiping Village also achieves 100% coal change in the village, using the air source heat pump to warm, and the health and environmental protection is also laid for winter tourism. The foundation.

  Beijing high-end manufacturing base industrial output value reached approximately 100 billion in Beijing, and one mentioned in Yanshan area, the first thing that emerged in many people’s mind is the picture of the refining Tower.

In the face of the new challenge of energy transformation, Yanshan also opened its own transformation and development tour, the graphene seed garden of the Beijing New Materials Science and Technology Industry Base is a successful case. The seed garden was officially signed at the 2019 graphene conference and completed in August 2020. The seed garden covers an area of ??approximately 15,000 square meters, setting the public service and research laboratory test platform to meet more than 30 enterprises research and production demand. At present, there have been 5 Beijing Jinne Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Eleng Technology Co., Ltd. and other five. The company took the lead in station.

It is worth mentioning that there is a "academician forest" in front of the seed garden, two trees are Li Yuliang, which specializes in the study of graphene, and the two academicians of the conclusion personally plant, this is the "Academician Lin" A batch of seedlings, planted the new "ethylene" looking for graphene future vision.

Today, the tree of "academician Lin" has been green, and companies in the seed garden are also growing. "The material of graphene is called the ‘New Material of Material’, which is like ‘seasoning’, scientifically add other materials, you can" make a good dish. ‘.

"Director Du Jin, director of the Beijing New Materials Science and Technology Industry Base Management Committee, told Beiqing reporters, Beijing Galley Oil Industry Innovation Center has built a relatively complete innovation system in recent years, and initially realizes the interaction of innovative chains and industrial chains. But Transform the techniques in the laboratory into samples, become a product, and then go to the market that can accept the goods in the market. If you need a process, the seed garden is "the place to become a product". Similarly, as a high-precision industry of Fangshan Important carrier and policy source, Beijing high-end manufacturing base focused on developing high-end manufacturing, 5G automatic driving demonstration application, medical intersection, intelligent emergency equipment, new energy, etc., is committed to cultivating an innovative ecosystem, enhancing innovative service capabilities, gradually forming Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone is the only specialty park with "high-end manufacturing". The base has enrolled 44 in Chang’an Auto, Jingxi Heavy Industry, Jingdong, Tianren Road and other enterprises, realizing nearly 100 billion yuan in industrial output. Among them, Beijing Jingdong Life Technology Industry Base Project is a major strategic project for the implementation of the "Tagged Beijing" strategy to promote the transformation of Internet of Things. The project is divided into the core competence center project of Smart Medical Center and Beijing Beijing Oriental Hospital project.

  This year, Ben Dongfang will continue to efficiently promote project progress based on the results of the previous work. Smart Medical Core Capacity Center Project 02 Plot has achieved structural capsules on January 27, 2021, is promoting the construction of secondary structures, and the construction of indoor projects and mechanical and electrical engineering in the third quarter, and promoted according to Jingdong "three five principles" Construction. Beijing Jing Dongfang Hospital Project 01 Plum is promoted by the relevant departments of the Fangshan District to complete the approval of land project, which is expected to be listed in 2021. Text and the reporter Liu Wei (editor: Mensus, Bao Congying).

Tourists start "tourists green treatment channel" overnight overnight

Tourists start "tourists green treatment channel" overnight overnight

On the evening of the People’s Network, on the evening of October 2, a Beijing tourist suddenly breathed urgency, difficult and accompanied the symptoms of numbness of the limbs, Hunan Zhangjiajie "Tourist Doctor" opened "Tourists Green Treatment Channel", visitors successfully . According to the 28-year-old Beijing tourist Ye, after arriving at Zhangjiajie, after arriving at Zhangjiajie, he suddenly felt the symptoms of breathing, difficulty, limbs numbness, and immediately dialed the call. "After admission, we immediately launched a green treatment channel and tired and mentally tense-caused respiratory alkali poisoning.

"Zhangjiajie People’s Hospital emergency department" travel doctor "Hu Rui introduced road. This tourist is mainly in recent tourism leading to physical fatigue, plus the patient’s spiritual height tension causes a serious respiratory dysfunction. Through a series of adjuvant treatment and emotions Mediation, the relevant condition has been effectively controlled and ease that night, and the hospital is arranged for 3 small.

It is reported that in order to fully improve the "Eleventh" Golden Week tourists travel security. At the same time, Zhangjiajie People’s Hospital was raised in front of the "tourist doctor" to form a "tourist doctor" to form a "tourist doctor", and established a multidisciplinary, the gardens of tourists were established and opened in the door and emergency tradition. "Tourists’ medical service station". Through a series of initiatives, the first time after the visitors have been injured, it is not possible to delay the trip for visitors.

(Zhu Tiehua) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see client download.

Shuangun Town, Changfeng County: "Power Poor Guarantee"

Shuangun Town, Changfeng County: "Power Poor Guarantee"

For the rivers, Zhou Lichang, the help of "poor pool" is undoubtedly a timely rain. Zhou Lichang has kidney transplant in April this year, and huge medical expenses let the family have not made it, knowing "poor poor protection". Medical On the basis of reimbursement, the reimbursement is carried out, and a family is not a good policy today. Since the launch of the "poor pool" work in Changfeng County, Shuangdun Town has held the "Package" work promotion meeting to launch villages to promote publicity, enhance the knowledge, satisfaction rate and participation rate of the masses; Actively dock the people’s department, do a good job in premium collection, and insured the booking.

Ding Yixia family, who lives in Shedun Town, the old town of Shuangdun Town, three, villages, villages, villain, taking into account their actual situation, calling the education and promotion of education and promotion of education in the comprehensive risk of "poor pool protection". I heard the commemoration of my son and I can get a one-time 2000 yuan of education. Ding Yixia said that thanks, I decided on the spot. It is reported that the "3 + N" combination program is adopted in the "3 + N" combination plan, in addition to the three must-active products, health, accidental injuries, has increased basic living security, household property losses, education and promotion subsidies, performance Guarantees a variety of self-selected insurance, customized services make products more user-friendly, meet the different needs of different families, and greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers.

On the recent investigation and dynamic monitoring, Shuangdun Town, Shuangdun Town, fully identified low-income groups in the town, and incorporates all 1561 low-income families in the whole town into the scope of protection. Since then, every year, according to the renewal of poverty monitoring information, timely dynamics Adjustment, do not leak a household, should guarantee, benefit allocate.

"Poor pool" has added a guaranteed line to prevent poverty in the source. It has provided strong support for the development of rural industries and ensuring the benefits of rural industries. It is conducive to the overtake in the country to be promoted to the rural revitalization, achieving multi-party win-win situation.

(Queen Wang Rongrong) (Editor: Wu Siku, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

The 13th "Ann Fa" is coming! 50 projects sign, total investment of 33.8 billion

The 13th "Ann Fa" is coming! 50 projects sign, total investment of 33.8 billion

The project signing ceremony site.

Wang Lizhen photo, the People’s Daily, October 24th (Wang Lizhen) This morning, the 2020 new era is "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" Test Area · Anji County 13th Investment Trade Talent Fair (hereinafter referred to as "An Fa" Hold.

50 "An Phaseo" total contract project, total investment of 33.8 billion yuan. From the type of project, it covers many fields of life health, intelligent manufacturing, green home, digital economy, high-end leisure, including one billion project, a total investment of 10.2 billion in Zhejiang life and health industry project; total investment 50 One -10 billion yuan project is a 58-Zheyuan Digital Economic Port Project for total investment billion yuan; 5 of the total investment of 10-5 billion yuan, which is a total of 100 million intelligent surgery robot production projects, total investment of 1.2 billion. Yuan’s Asia Pacific Headquarters 35 billion yuan production automotive brake system production project, total billion probiotics (health food and functional food) and OTC vitamin-based project, total billion yuan Leesier filament project , A bio-innovative chip chronic disease test project with total billion yuan. It is reported that this "Anqi Fair" is the theme of "reform and innovation, green development", in addition to the relevant person in charge of Anji County Investment Promotion Center, these since this year, in the face of new crown pneumonia epidemic, Anji adheres to "two hands hard, two war win", With the leadership of the attack, it is the leader, and in-depth promotion of the "six" mechanism reforms in the county investment, the morality of investment promotion is significantly improved, and a number of fixed investment in Intelligence of Intelligence, I have intelligent, etc. The project introduced by more than 1 billion yuan. Up to now, the county has accumulated 146 projects invested by hundreds of millions of projects, an increase of 97% year-on-year, and the planned total investment of 63.9 billion yuan, fixed asset investment of 57.1 billion yuan. Among them, the fixed asset investment of more than 500 million yuan, 37, 1 billion, 5 billion and 100 billion-level projects to achieve new breakthroughs. (Editor: Wang Liqi, Dai Qian).

Sugarcane Forest Sending Year – Remember to explore the people in the industrial industry in Zhejiang Quanquan

Sugarcane Forest Sending Year – Remember to explore the people in the industrial industry in Zhejiang Quanquan

  Xinhua News Agency, November 8th: Sugarcane Forest Sending Year – Remembering the Industry of Zhejiang Qijiang Quanjing Village Industry Explore Xinhua News Agency, Yue Diangliang, "The variety of sugar cane can be directly peeled like a banana.

"In Zhejiang Province, Zhangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Springs, Spring, Sugar Cane Planting, Branch, Village Party Branch, director of the village committee, easily pushed a" glass brittle ", skilled off the sugar cane skin .

  Entered November, sugar cane in Quanjing Village ushered in the concentrated harvesting period.

  "Last year, our family trotted a sugar cane in the nearly an acre of sugar cane, net income of 10,000 yuan. On October 28, 202, Liu Sanfu, director of the village party branch, director of the village party branch, director of the Village Party Branch, Director of the Village Party Branch.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Diangliang took the spring and cultivating the water of the water, the history of planting sugar cane has been more than 400 years.

"But only a few residents were scattered, and the famous arrogance was not big, and the income was not high.

Liu Sanfu took the reporter in the sugar cane forest, autumn wind blowing, sugar cane forest sand.

  Can’t "keep the rice bowl to eat".

Lin Hua, secretary of the party committee of the Houxi Town, said that the town party committee has undergone cooldest and decided to promote the "one village" development policy in the whole town, "two committees", the "two committees" of Quanjing Village decided to recycle the block, concentrate on management, and development. There is a characteristic "sugar cane economy". "We started from the starting point of the mass village collective economy, the village group planted 300 mu of sugar cane, plus the 200 mu of the villagers, the base sugar cane forest area has reached 500 mu." Liu Sanfu said proudly, here’s sugar cane varieties reached 10 Many, "Among them, the champion red, the tribute one is the unique variety of our village.

"The growth area has increased," Sugar cane economy "has become increasingly appeared. Xu Shukan said that there are more and more people who come here, especially weekends or holidays, cane forest are people, most is that parents bring their children.

  Develop tourism while selling products. In the sugar cane species planted in the village of Quanjing, there are directly edible canes, and there is also a sugar cane specially sourced. According to estimates, 2,000 kilograms of brown sugar can be produced each acre, and can be sold to 20 yuan per catty. Production and processing of sugar cane degraded products in the collective construction of the villages in the village of Quanjing, on 28 October 2021. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Diangxiang is now in the spring area, whether it is a village collective, or a villager, has a "huge collection": sugar cane buffet picking, one 10 yuan, according to 6000 sugar cane, according to 6000 sugar cane, To bring 60,000 yuan in income per acre; no sugar cane, you can help the village collective, 3,000 yuan of salary every month. "Sixty-dozens of people, no one wants to work out, now there is a living in the village, there is a wage, and the village can work in the sugar cane forest." Many villagers said . At present, Quanjing Village is carrying out unified operation, management, sales of brown sugar brands produced by Landimachi, and is expected to increase more than 2 million yuan in villages this year.

Lin Hua said that Quanjing Village will also re-open the "sugar fever" wine production and other hand technology, and gradually introduce traditional folklocks.

  Traditional sugar cane in spring well, is giving birth to a new hope.

(End) Editor: Ma Rong.

The first Guangdong trade union social development theme exchange activities held in Guangzhou

The first Guangdong trade union social development theme exchange activities held in Guangzhou

Trade Union Social Work Professionals are an important part of the Team of Social Work in Guangdong Province.

Since 2019, the provincial trade union, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the Provincial People’s Social Security Department have issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Trade Union Social Work Professional Team", implements the requirements of the reform and innovation of trade union systems, and strives to build a high-quality trade union society. Work professional talent team, providing employees with equity maintenance, dispute adjustment, difficult to help, employment assistance, education guidance, humanistic care, etc., better meet employee specialization, diversify, personalized social service needs, Provide powerful talent support for building a harmonious labor relationship. In particular, the provincial general trade union deployment supports the provincial township (street) trade union to hire social workers to establish a stable wage subsidies, and have made a lot of fruitful work in the construction of trade union social work system, trade union work research, excellent case selection promotion, etc. At the end of October, there were more than 3,400 social and cultural union workers in Guangdong Province to do all the towns of the province to allocate socialized union workers. More than 600 people holding a professional certificate of the social work, the permit rate is reached.

According to reports, the province’s union has emerged a number of social and chemical union workers with high political stations, good business capabilities and strong service awareness.

The trade union has been actively active in the grassroots first line, using social work professional concepts and methods to solve problems with the masses of the staff, and get the full affirmation of the grassroots party committees and the high recognition of the staff.

The provincial general trade union promotes systematic efforts to promote the professional qualification examination, professional training outlook system research, vocational training outline, trade union social work practice training, etc. Professional, professional transformation development.

Next, the Guangdong Trade Union will further strengthen the policies of the National Trade Union, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department and other units, providing more professional development space for the staff of the social and cultural workers; further matching professional power, strengthening and professional institutions, universities, experts scholars Close cooperation, continuously encompasses the abilities and levels of the workers in the employees; further integrate the advantages of trade unions and social workers, and further summarize the good experience of the grassroots work, and constantly explore the practice of practicing the development model of Guangdong union society. Add bricks to the work industry, contribute to the social industry.

Shaanxi Ankang Notified "Natho Female Student was pushed to the operating table" incident: Hospital suspension to rectify the dean resignation

Shaanxi Ankang Notified "Natho Female Student was pushed to the operating table" incident: Hospital suspension to rectify the dean resignation

People’s Daily Online Xi’an October 7 (Reporter Wu Chao) On October 6th, some netizens reflected that "Nathy students were pushed to the operating table, let the surgery let the phone will borrow money, Ankang, private hospital Tianliang! "On the night, the investigation of the investigation office of Hanbin District, Ankang City involved in the intervention. At noon on October 7, Hanbin District, Ankang City, said that after the Internet reflects the issues of Ankang Xing’an Hospital on October 6, 2021, Hanbin District quickly established the investigation office working group to carry out investigation and disposal work.

After investigation, on October 4th, 2021 (Luo A "(17 years old) accompanied by his classmates to the Ankang Xing’an Hospital, the doctor fought a certain visit, inspected, diagnosed as a cervical life," Road "After signing on the state of informed consent, it will be awarded it. There is no surgical signature, false surgery (in other hospitals inspected and the surgical part of the Ankang Xing’an Hospital is not the same). However, during the treatment process, Ankang Xing’an Hospital inspected and surgically accepted the minors without guardians, and there was an irregular management, notifying that the medical style was not correct.

According to the report, at present, the Ankang Xing’an Hospital has been suspended, stop the attending doctor to exercise a certain practice, talks and ordered to resign the hospital, ordered the hospital’s serious handling of the deputy dean, deputy director, department director and doctor.

Patients and their families have been consistent with the hospital for disputes.

In this regard, the Hanbin District will give an anti-three, and immediately conduct special cleanup rectification of medical institutions in the whole district; (Editor: Zou Xing, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Tianshu: The first destroyed infectious disease "big magic"

Tianshu: The first destroyed infectious disease "big magic"

  The world’s big plague revelation is 1157 BC, and the ancient Egyptian law is unfortunately killed.

He is having to be distinguished, he is suddenly dead, may only live 40 years old.

  According to the practice, the old body is produced into mummy, buried into the tomb.

After that, human beings continue to be in full swing, countless distant changes.

The old body of the law in the mummy "尸" more than 3,000 years.

  In 1898, this woody was discovered by archaeological, and he saw the day.

Open its moment, people shocked the chin: dry the surface of the body, and the pus scar is everywhere.

The lower half face, the neck, the shoulder is dense, and there is also the arm.

Each diameter is a few millimeters, up, color yellow … This method is old, is it died in the sky? ! The big devil is born by Lams West, which may be the earliest, the victim of the sky. However, he is not necessarily "zero patient."

It is still difficult to determine, where the sky is coming, now when it is. At the era of rare text, the clues are really difficult to find. About the origin of the sky, archaeologists can only guess according to historical fragments. It may appear more than 3,000 years ago, more than 6,000 years ago.

  One assumption is that the sky is in the Egyptian River Basin or the Indian Ganges River Basin.

The population is dense here, suitable for stable heels in the ceiling station. Since then, darkness Chen Cang is attacked into Asia and Europe.

  Compared to blurred origins, the end of the ceiling is clear: On May 8, 1980, the World Health Assembly resolution declared that the sky was destroyed globally.

This is the only human infectious disease that is eliminated so far. No matter how, the Tianshu’s torture and ivity is at least 3,000 years. In human infectious diseases, it is a well-deserved veteran big magic.

  Meet it, mean and the dead god.

  The infected person first is a fever, and it is painful.

In the mouth, a pustule is appeared on the tongue, saying that tomorrow flowers began to make a clear-eyed place. Along with fever, pus is running on face, arms, legs.

How long does it take? Cough, sneeze out of the foam, pustules broken juice, the beds of infected people, can become the way to become a new day. Sky flower, sky cavity.

Unfortunately, it has been turned over the brand, and ten have three life. Even surviving, it is often often due to permanent sore, and even can’t make birth, and the binocular is blind. How many people died in the sky? No one can say it. It can be determined that only the 20th century, the ceiling has plundered 300 million lives in the world. Who is helping to abuse? Trade, war is turmoil, population migration, civilization, is a threatened time to expand the ceiling. It is well versed, step by step.

  However, until the 15th century, the Tianshu Camp is still limited to Eurasia, West Africa, North Africa and other regions. In the 15th to 18th centuries, European greedy colonial expansion, spreading the sky to the new mainland to make a huge "contribution".

They with them, the same invaders, helping each other to abuse.

  In 1507, with the arrival of Spanish colonists, the sky was first in Haiti Island for the first time. The evolution of the ceiling plague, ruthlessly kill some indigenous tribes without immunization. It is the next to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico … The sky is like an endless sorghum, a wave is high, and the murder is like a hemp.

  At a century, the bad luck was repeated in the North American Indians. From the 17th century, the Tianshu followed the British, Law, and the lotion landed in North America, attacking unresponsive indigenous people.

In 1738, the sky took over the life of the Cherokee; 1759, almost half of the Carota died in the sky; 1837, the Tianshu swept the Columbia River Basin, and half of the indigenous residents were killed. In front of the sky, there is no immunity, Indians, live spirit, can they get "compensation" from European colonists? If you think, I am afraid there is only endless expelter, slavery and killing.

What is even more shocked is that some Europeans have got immunization, they actively spread to the Indians in the back of the Indians. In 1763, the North American British commander Jerffrey Armherst and the colonel, there was a notorious dialogue. "Can you give the sky to dissatisfied Indian tribes? Now we must use the strategies that we can use to reduce them." Asked Amhu.

  Ban Kuite replied: "I will try to use blankets that may fall into their hands, and pay attention to it.

"So this is, until the end of the 18th century, in addition to some small islands, the sky is successful to play the world.

  Millennium Grinding a sword – vaccine vaccine or vaccine I don’t know when, the ancients feel the temper of the sky: getting the sky, not suffering from the sin of the sky. In this case, why not use the sky and the sky? The weapon is hidden in the pus of the ceiling.

  About 1000 years ago, an quaint ceiling method may have quietly rise in Chinese folks: smash the sky, blow into the healthy nostrils. The ancient India passes through the skin vaccinated, and the same work is worn.

  It has been found that the symptoms are generally reduced compared to natural infections, and symptoms are generally reduced, and death is also greatly reduced. The sky is spreading, and the experience of anti-ceiling is also transmitted between civilization.

Historians believe that China and India ancient vaccination methods have been introduced into Egypt in the 13th century, and I have introduced into Europe in the early 18th century and gradually promoted.

  At the end of the 18th century, the sky raged around the world.

Among the deepest darkness, important weapons for dealing with the sky is brewing.

  In 1796, a British doctor named Edward Jenner found that the milking female worker who was infected by the vaccinia, and did not appear any lack of symptoms after vaccination.

  So, Jenner launched a bold experiment: he took some things from the smear of the milking female worker, and inoculated to the 9-year-old boy on the pps arm. Since then, Jenner has made Pedps contact the ceramic virus, but the little boy never suffers from the sky.

  The first vaccine in the world is born in the exploration of the ceiling. In 1801, Jenner published "the origin of vaccination", he predicted: eliminating the sky, the most terrible disaster of human beings, will be the final result of vaccination. Dawn, how can I stop? Find the ceiling vaccine, new puzzles followed.

How to provide a large number of ceiling vaccines? Try cultivating vaccine viruses on the cow and cracking this problem.

In the 1950s, scientists found a method of producing lyophilized vaccines.

This vaccine does not need a complex cold chain, the doctor put it in the medicine package for a month, still effective. The ceiling vaccine is promoted and the stone is pushed down.

  At this point, go before, after thousands of years, "花 宝剑" is finally quenched. Global teamed up to make a great success to become a sword in hand, just wait for a sheath.

The process is a three fold.

  In 1959, the WHW General Assembly decided to formally launched the plan, I hope that at least 80% of the population vaccinated the ceiling vaccine to let the world get rid of the sky. In the early 1950s, North America and Europe have taken the lead in except for the sky. But the input epidemic is constantly, they can’t be alone.

Regrettably, WHO continues to call on Member States to donate a ceiling vaccine.

  The country that is ravaged is not very positive. The project was conducted until the 4th year, and the ceiling was popular in 44 countries. Only 14 countries were taking action, and 22 implementation plans to stay on paper, and the other 8 countries were indifferent.

  Human is not active, the virus can be active. In 1967, more than 40 million cyclad cases in more than 40 countries were killed in more than 40,000 countries. Once you can’t, I have to come again.

At that year, the WHW General Assembly launched the "Enhanced Edition" of the Temple Plan. This time, the target is unchanged, and the difference is to emphasize all countries to participate. It is worth gratifying, this stage, the ceiling vaccine donation has increased.

From 1967 to 1979, 27 countries voluntarily donated 400 million doses of vaccines.

At that time, many Temple pops also achieved self-sufficiency in the spontaneous vaccine. The vaccine is promoted, and people who have lived in the sky in the world have finally have invisible strength.

  While vaccination, the monitoring and prevention of ceiling is enhanced.

All over the world, countless medical workers have embarked on the streets, and they are investigated by households. In time in the village, the case is isolated in the yard. Plan a day to advance, the sky is miraculously driven out of the human site.

10 years later, in October 1977, the last case of natural infection in the world appeared in Somalia. Since then, the global search of the ceiling lasted for two years, confirming this ancient fierce infectious disease, really squatting.

  Take the vaccine as a weapon and join hands to counterattack.

Jenner’s prophecy is finally true.

So in May 1980, the historical declaration of the resolution resolution of the WHO-That is the victory declaration of human beings.

  After thousands of years of life and death, the ceiling is from the way, and the end of the birth of the history, the end of the history of the history reveals the most sensible path and the most successful experience in the face of major infectious diseases. Convergence: On the one hand, the virus is the common enemy of human beings. To defeat it, we must join hands to cooperate, unify the action; on the other hand, the historical prophecy that has been confirmed, the vaccine is used as the "artifact" against the plague, it is The right choice.

  The sky is the first human infectious disease.

What about the next? .

The leading group of the leading group of the unified front of Guangxi District held in Nanning

The leading group of the leading group of the unified front of Guangxi District held in Nanning

From October 24th to 27th, the leadership team of the party committee of the autonomous region held the leading group of the party committee of the Autonomous Region held the leading group of the united front work leading group, comprehensively implemented the "Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party of China" and the Party Central Committee, the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region Decision and deployment of the United Front Work Series, mobilize the leadership team at all levels to further emancipate the ideological, reform and innovation, actively dry, condensed and promoted the high-quality development of the new era of the universities of the new era, to build a new era of Chinese characteristics socialism with strong Guangxi Power.

The meeting requested the leadership team at all levels of the whole group to improve the political station, unified ideological understanding, innovative ideas, consolidate the responsibility, adhere to the above rate, caught the ground, and constantly make new things to consolidate the new era of the new era. Great contribution. Comrade, the responsible comrades of the relevant business bureau of the Central Great War, strengthen the work of the Great Complex Work, strengthen the work of private economy, and make a good idea of ??united front and advice, no party and party foreign intellectuals work. Training class arrangement group discussion, participants exchange learning and understanding and work experience.

Part of the party committee of the party committee of the autonomous region, part of the member of the leading group, the leading group of the party committee of all sets, county (city, district) party committee to participate in centralized training.

The training class was warmly welcomed and widely praised. The responsibility of the high-quality development of high quality development has said that it is necessary to use this training course as a new starting point, and effectively transform the learning achievements into the specific actions of the business entrepreneurship, transforming into a strong powerful power, promoting the implementation of all field work In order to consolidate the development of the new era of the new era, the new era of Chinese characteristics socialism with the construction of new and greater contributions.

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