Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau investigates the operation of online trading platform

Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau investigates the operation of online trading platform

Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau investigates the operation of online trading platform

  Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau investigates the operation of the network trading platform will strictly hit the e-commerce platform, and the market supervision bureau, the Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau has formed a research team to Lhasa to open the area, Lhasa city jurisdiction in Lhasa , Fish jumping, US groups and other online trading platforms, operating conditions, and related issues facing enterprises. The research team requested the network trading platform operators to actively strengthen the study of relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement the relevant provisions of the "E-Commerce Law" and the Measures for the Administration of Network Transactions, and further improve the initiative and consciousness of the operation according to law, and strengthen self-discipline.

  In order to standardize the business behavior of the network trading operator, maintain a good network transaction order, recently, the Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau Network supervision office forms a research team to the Lhasa Economic Development Zone, Lhasa City, Lhasa City, in the field research, Koma, fish jump, US group Equivalent network trading platform, operating conditions, and issues facing enterprises, especially on the platform itself facing the platform itself facing the network business platform, interacting in partnership, network consumption, etc.

  The reporter learned that the research team requested the network trading platform operators to actively strengthen the study of relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement the relevant provisions of the E-Commerce Law and the Measures for Network Trading Supervision and Further Improve the initiative and consciousness of the operation according to law. Strengthen self-discipline; earnestly fulfill the responsibility of corporate responsibility, establish and improve user registration, licensing information, subject information publicity within the platform, the qualification review of the network operator, consumer rights protection and the main information of consumer rights protection and the main information of the main information of the operator in the platform The management system, further strengthen the risk prevention and control of the platform, actively cooperate with the market supervision department to severely combat illegal violations such as false propaganda, illegal advertisements, overlord clauses and unfair competition. During the research period, member of the party group of the Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau, the first-class inspector Tan Qunfang asked the market to supervise the comrades of the network supervision line, to promote the implementation of the "Network Transaction Supervision Management Measures", through in-depth enterprises, research guidance, administration Talking, etc., guide the network trading platform operators actively assume the subject’s responsibility, remind it to strengthen self-examination, eliminate problem hidden dangers, eliminate "two choices", false promotions, induce transactions, price fraud violations.

The market regulatory authorities should strengthen the standardization management of the business people operators in the jurisdiction, supervise the statutory responsibility obligations such as the review, platform governance, assistance supervision, and severely crack down on the e-commerce platform, do not perform the platform responsibility, without information publicity Carry out illegal violations such as business activities. It is necessary to adopt a variety of means to strengthen the law enforcement, strengthen the frequency of daily orientation of the critical monitoring inspections, and find suspected illegal clues in time, and effectively purify the network market environment in a timely manner.

  The person in charge of the relevant e-commerce platform said that the next step will continue to strengthen relevant laws and regulations, firmly establish the business philosophy according to law, and do the ability to abide by the law, actively bear the subject’s responsibility, continuously improve the platform governance level, take the initiative to accept supervision, assist the market The regulatory authorities do a good job in regulatory work to create a healthy and orderly online trading environment.

(Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Spring, summer, don’t forget the spleen

Spring, summer, don’t forget the spleen

  In the hands of spring and summer, people always feel tired, sleepy, doze off, why? Zheng Yanhua, deputy director of the Panyu Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that people who spleen and stomach were weak and bloody, due to the pace of yang and yang in the body, more prone to wetty symptoms.

  How can I overcome this phenomenon? In addition to ensuring normal night sleep, other sports, diet conditioning, and environmental adjustments are maintained outside the nap.

When the soup is cooking, you can add the spleen and dampness of cardamom, abutment, 苓, glutinous rice, white lentils, etc. to remove moisture in the body and wake up spleen.

  Recommended food treatment side Chen Pin Lotus glutinous rice water duck soup material: new will be 6 grams of peaks, 30 grams of meat, 30 grams of fried glutinous rice, 50 grams of yam, 10 grams of ginger, 250 grams of water duck meat. METHODS: Wash the water and wool, pick it up.

Glothy rice is stirred into the micro-yellow, the lotus seeds are wet, and the yam is slightly immersed in water, tangerine peel, ginger is washed with water. Then put all the materials in the soup, add water, boil with the fire, and use the fire for 2 hours, season.

  Efficacy: This soup can spleen and spleen and dampness, and people who are heavy in humidity and weakness.

  Ziwu Mushi Fish Soup Material: 1 big fish head, 30 grams of fresh purple leaves, 10 grams of fresh mint leaves, appropriate amount of onion, ginger, pepper, salt, peanut oil. METHODS: First, the big fish is half-cut, fry until the golden golden, add boiling water, cook until the fish soup white. Add fresh purple leaves, fresh mint leaves, onions and pepper, seasoning. Efficacy: This soup can be cold in warmth, and use it to make it suminated.

The Education and Supervision of the State Council promotes the experience of foreign training supervision

The Education and Supervision of the State Council promotes the experience of foreign training supervision

  On November 24th, the Ministry of Education of the State Council issued the "Notice on Promoting the Experience Practice of NET Training Supervision of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province". "Notice" pointed out that Jinhua City adheres to the first test, boldly explores, combined with the actual introduction of non-learning training institutions set standards, clarify the responsibilities of the competent department, and rationally approve the registration process, and work hard to achieve preliminary results. To this end, the Education Supervision Committee of the State Council issued the promotion of non-learning school training in Jinhua City to learn from all over the country. Jinhua as a "double reduction" work pilot city, always focusing on blocked points, actively responding to social concerns, persistence, strive to "double reduction" first exploration road, based on effective reducing the course of school, actively break into the campus After the long-term supervision of the training institution, the supervision problem, after 100% completed the disciplines of the disciplinary school training institution, the first four types of non-learning training institutions such as art, sports, technology and housing, etc. , All-round strengthen the supervision governance of the school training institution. The main person in charge of the Jinhua Municipal Education Bureau introduced that the total number of rows and comb, Jinhua have 5,160 foreign training institutions, 10,000 employees, including 1124 subjects, more than 4,000 non-disciplines. The experience of non-disciplinary school training supervision, Jinhua’s experience is mainly: strengthening the system to promote aggregation, and formulate a standard for standardization and innovation work. Jinhua has strengthened the system to promote the aggregation force through a pro-class operation, list management, centralized attack, and sinking supervision.

The leadership group of Jinhua Municipal Committee’s Education Work Leading Group, forming 6 special groups such as comprehensive coordination, after-school services, quickly forming the unified leadership of the party committee, the education department led to the total, relevant departments, and the work pattern of each other. Establish 6 lists of departmental liability list, recent task list, etc. Carry out "100-day centralized attack action" will carry out the "two-turn and one stop" governance, investigate and punish violations and schools are listed as an important assessment indicator, establish a monthly assessment notification system, and create a good atmosphere than the fight.

Establish a work mechanism of the city leaders to lead the leadership, specialist supervision, responsibility supervision and supervision, social power synergies and other working mechanisms. Since September 1, 30 copies were issued under the name of Jinhua Municipal Government Education Supervision Bank.

  Jinhua took the lead in introducing four non-learning training institutions such as art, sports, science and technology, and housing, providing follow-up for non-learning training institutions to regulate the corporate non-learning training institution.

Clearly organize the process, refer to the discipline management model, and implement localization management, the process of registering the industry authorities, the market supervision department or the registration of the civil affairs department, and implement a "one point" standard registration registration.

Clearly open standards, conduct clear provisions of the category of non-discipline training institutions, funds, institution names, venues, training content, teacher, etc. The payment requirements are specified, and the training institution shall not charge a training fee for more than 3 months in one time, encourage the implementation of the first training; the pre-charge supervision is taken according to cost pre-dialing, and the counting of consumption and the overcast transfer will be transferred. According to the principle of "according to law, blocking the combination, classification guidance, smooth ordered" principle, Jinhua Innovation "Contact + Touch" Dynamic Mastering, "Classification + Identification" Refining Work Standard, "Simplified + Connection" Optimization Process "Online + Line" Strengthening the Five "Way" Work Method of "Strict Troll + Notification" to form a shock effect, and strive to make training better return to the source of education. Up to now, 1124 family profit subjects training institutions have all charged, and the pressure reduction rate is 100%. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Using big data to obtain retirees action information Liaocheng pension receive qualifications to use "silence certification"

Using big data to obtain retirees action information Liaocheng pension receive qualifications to use "silence certification"

  This newspaper (correspondent Shi Yuejuan) In order to solve the problem of the masses, we will promote the practical practice activities of the masses, the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau relying on the Internet and big data and other information, innovative retirees treatment qualification method, with data run Instead of the masses’ errands, it is more vivid to authenticate, and the service is more active.

  Every year, you need to pick fingerprint information in the community or human society.

I will pay attention to the qualification of pension insurance treatment before, I am afraid that I have delayed the qualification time, affecting the pensions, I didn’t expect the human society, and I didn’t say that the certification was not allowed.

On December 6th, the silent certification of the Decistruction Service Center of the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau said that the public Liu Guanglian is full. The so-called silent authentication refers to the action information of the human society to obtain retirees through the big data system.

After canceling social security treatment and qualification, the city’s residential department’s retracting service center actively explores the establishment of a new qualification system, strengthening the platform information data comparison certification.

The Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau and the public security, civil affairs, judicial, Wei Jian and other departments open data sharing channels, real-time information, death information, prison information, etc. For the analysis, the qualification of the accommodation personnel, relying on the digital portrait, and realizes the silent certification of the treatment to receive personnel. Up to now, the city directly develops data compared with 563,288. At the same time, the Municipal People’s Social Security Affidation Service Center adheres to the traditional service and intelligent service, with the mobile phone APP certification service as aid, through 12333 service hotline, people’s official website, WeChat public number, SMS, etc. to push publicity related policies, Guide retirees to complete self-service certification.

For the situation where the elderly do not have a smartphone or not to operate the mobile phone, the mobile app certification launches the old-age convenient initiative, and can handle certification through the mobile phone through the family and relatives.

Up to now, this year’s second qualification certification mobile phone APP certification has reached 10,000, and the certification rate reached 81%.

  In order to learn to promote the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China, transform the results of learning achievements into the specific action of doing practical things for the masses, the Municipal People’s Social Security Affiliation Service Center adheres to the focus of the masses, for silent certification and mobile phone APP self-service The doubt information of the certification, relying on the grassroots staff, paying special groups such as the old weak disease, the inconvenience of the old people, the elderly people, etc., through health checkup, cultural activities, visits and daily services, etc., confirmed the treatment To provide the masses with more convenient, more intimate service. [Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].

Russian Black Sea Fleet "Essen Navy will" frightened air defense exercises

Russian Black Sea Fleet "Essen Navy will" frightened air defense exercises

  Xinhua News Agency, November 7 (Reporter Yan Pengyu) According to the news released on the 7th of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Black Sea Fleet "Essen Navy" frigate completed the protection of the Crimea ship from simulated imaginary enemy cluster attack The drill.

  According to the news, during the exercise, the Black Sea Fleet Command Center received a message that flying to the Crimean Direction of the Crimean Peninsula.

The "Essen Navy" frigcy ship was quickly entered the warranty after receiving the enemy plane sent from the Fleet Command Center, and then destroyed using the air defense missile.

The message did not mention the specific time of this exercise, but it was said that the exercise was carried out in accordance with the established combat training plan of the Black Sea Fleet.

  The "Essen Navy will" frigate "to destroy enemy water vessels and vessels, submarines and ground facilities, perform patrol missions and defend offshore routes. It is equipped with a 3C14-type universal vertical transmitting device that can transmit a "caliber" "缟 agate" and "zircon" missiles.

  According to Russian media reports, the "Porter" destroyer of the equipment cruise missile and the "Whitney Mountain" commander of the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet is in the near future. The Russian Defense November 2nd reported that the deployment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Shipping Surva Missing Fire Bronze Surva Missing Burner in the Crimean Peninsula made a exercise, simulating the immersive water surface ship entered the black sea waters scene, destroying it. According to the Russian Defense Minister, Shaoju said that the Russian military is closely monitoring the US warship in the Black Sea, never allow any provocative behavior. (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.

Social Science Comment | Contemporary Interpretation of China’s Excellent Traditional Cultural Concept

Social Science Comment | Contemporary Interpretation of China’s Excellent Traditional Cultural Concept

  In the history of more than 5,000 years, the Chinese nation cultivated and formed a profound Chinese culture, which contained the "people-oriented" "Conghua Wanbang" "Heaven and Man" and other traditional concepts affect the spiritual pursuit and behavior of the Chinese nation.The way, becoming the value core of the Chinese nation, the value of the payment of the fire.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China"Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" and other important discussions.This has enhanced the deep heritage of China’s outstanding traditional culture, and also explores the contemporary value of China’s outstanding traditional culture, truly embodies the creative transformation and innovation of China’s outstanding traditional culture.First, the "People-oriented" is elucidated.

China has "the people", "the people of the people", "the people of the people", "the people of the people", "People’s heart", "People’s heart".

For example, "Pipe" is said, "the husband is also the beginning," "" Mencius "once said that" the people are expensive, the society is second, the Jun is light ";" Historical Record "pointed out that" the king is the same as the people ". The Communist Party of China is fundamentally the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, which not only passes the Chinese traditional Chinese thought, but also deepened people-oriented development philosophy.

In the struggle against neoquap pneumonia epidemic, the party and state adhere to the "people’s first, life-supreme" concept, always put the people’s lives and physical health in the first, adopted the most comprehensive, most stringent, and thorough defense Control measures have achieved significant strategic results of national anti-v.curcous struggle. We adhere to the people-centered development thoughts, unswervingly walking together, and obtain a comprehensive victory of the extraordinary attack, completing the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty. In the process of deprivion, we have always firmly firm people’s position, pay attention to the importance of playing the people’s subjectivity, and focus on the demand for people’s livelihood in poor people. The Five-Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will be "more pronounced substantive progress in all the people" as one of the 2035 long-term goals, and requires "consolidation to expand the poverty" and the effectiveness of the country’s revitalization, "this further reflects The Chinese Communists adhering to the happiness of the Chinese people, the initial mission of the Chinese nation’s revival, always implemented good, safeguard, developed the fundamental interests of the most ethnic people as all the starting point and the foothold of all work, and strive to make the reform and development results more More equatant benefits and all people. Second, the expansion of the global view of "Association Wanbang". The Chinese nation always loves peace and puts "the world," as a beautiful wish of seeking. "Shang Shu · Code" proposes: "Keming Junde, with pro-nine families. The nine family is happily, and the people are the people. The people Zhao Ming, the association Wanbang.

"From the family and the social harmony, from the four seas to the world peace, it is the ideal ambition of the Confucian" Slim family to rule the country "." Chinese ancient language "intimate, neighbor, neighbor," entering the friends, watch help "Say, it is the expression of the Chinese nation’s friendly and inclusive concept, reflecting the wisdom of the relationship between the Chinese nation to deal with the relationship between people and the country.

  In the face of the world’s 100-year-old, the Great Rejuvenation Strategy of the Chinese Nation, General Secretary Xi Jinping puts forward the concept of "human fate community" rich in Chinese cultural traits, and advocates all countries in the world to bring together the principle of "contending to build sharing". Hands together to address various risks and challenges, achieving a beautiful vision of global development and cooperation with a win-win situation.

In recent years, my country has won the construction of "all the way", bilateral and regional fate community, firmly maintains multilateral trade system, actively participate in global governance, etc., and continuously promote the construction of human fate communies, widen the extensive agreement and positive response of the international community.

  In 2020, in the face of the global spread of new crown pneumonia, China proposed the initiative to build human health community, promoting international cooperation between epidemic prevention and control, providing immunity assistance to 150 countries and 4 international organizations, showing China’s responsible big country. Morality and service reflects the feelings of human fate and share.

The value orientation of harmony, harmony, and peace has been deeply influenced by the spiritual world of the Chinese nation, and the "Peaceful" of China’s outstanding traditional culture "and different" and different "," A new international relationship between cooperation and a win-win situation contributes China’s wisdom and China.

  Finally, the sublimation of "Heaven and Man" is sublimated.

In the history of Chinese civilization, the ancient sages regards the universe as an integral, and believes that people and natural should be harmonious.

For example, Confucianism advocates "Renmin Love", expands Renai Thought to the universe, and "the benevolent is in the world" "Tiandi and all things" and other views; the Taoist is advocated "Dao Fa Nature" "All things and my same ";" Easy "proposed" the heavens and the earth and its morality ".

From the concept of "Heaven and Man", many thinkers put forward respect, love, be kind to the views of all things, such as Zhu Xi’s "Sometimes Sometimes I have a festival", Wang Yangming’s "see the destruction of the grass" Heart ", Zhang Zai," People’s compatriots, I am also ".

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China The international community should work together to seek the road of ecological civilization, firmly establish a sense of nature, to protect nature, protect nature, and insist on green, low-carbon, circulation, sustainable development, this is "Heaven and Man "Thought gives new era connotations.

2020 is the year of winning the pollution and control of the battle, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization, my country strives to practice the "beautiful China" "green development" "sustainable development" and give full play to the "Environmental Protection Law", " The normative role of green political performance, environmental inspectors, etc.

  As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "Being a good neighbor, the congressional Wanbang is the Taoist of the Chinese civilization, Huimin Limin, and the people of the people are the vary of the value orientation of the Chinese civilization, the new, and the times are eternal Chinese civilization. Spiritual temperament, Daofa natural, and people in the world are the inner survival concept of Chinese civilization. " China’s outstanding traditional culture is the root and soul of the Chinese nation. We should work hard to innovate and develop Chinese excellent traditional culture, constantly given the new era of China’s outstanding traditional culture, so that excellent traditional culture is integrated into people’s production and life, in order to achieve the greatness of the Chinese nation Revival provides mental power and intelligence support.

  (Author: Huaqiao University News and Communication College).

This year, Chizhou City Minsheng Engineering Plan investment funds 4.175 billion yuan.

This year, Chizhou City Minsheng Engineering Plan investment funds 4.175 billion yuan.

According to Chizhou Daily, the Chizhou City Finance Department earnestly fulfilled the people’s livelihood project led the responsibility, and fully promoted 33 people’s livelihood projects.

After calculation, in 2021, the city’s 33 people’s livelihood projects were investive in fund billions. As of the end of April, the city’s people’s livelihood project has reached the fund billion, the position rate is%, and the fund billion will be issued, and the payment rate is%. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the people’s livelihood project, the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the leading department of "Chizhou City School Education Promotion Implementation Plan" "Chizhou City Cultural Huimin Project Implementation Plan" and other rules and regulations, formulate project implementation goals, project implementation team And project propulsion measures, clarify project responsible persons and project implementation progress. Implementing refined management and precision control in key project performance management models, which must ensure high quality implementation of people’s livelihood projects.

The municipal finance department actively contact the city directly lead the department, strengthens the supervisory responsibility of the city’s direct sector and the main responsibility of the county and district, and sign the target responsibility book, clear the annual target task, and compare the task one by item.

The financial sections at all levels resolutely reduce the need for non-rigid expenditure, ensuring that people’s livelihood rejuvenate, and pay attention to mobilizing social strength and capital participation while using financial funds.

Key links such as the basic construction procedures of the project project, the review and distribution process of the subsidy project; close attention to planning, dispatching, management, publicity, etc., implement the whole process strict control, further improve the accuracy of implementing management, enhanced Promoted systemic, integrity and synergies.

At the same time as the implementation of the people’s livelihood project, the city implements the implementation of people’s livelihood projects, incorporating the annual city government target management performance assessment.

The city’s financial department will guarantee and improve people’s livelihood as all work points and footholds, focusing on "seven" goals, focusing overall overtime prevention and control and economic and social development, trying to do our best, and accurate management, quality and efficiency, Solidly promote people’s livelihood projects.

At present, all people’s livelihood projects have been steadily implemented in accordance with the timing. Correspondent Huang Wenxian (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei).

Rock Spring Street: Changchuang Civilization City, the old building

Rock Spring Street: Changchuang Civilization City, the old building

Since the new leadership team of the rock spring street, we will insist on deepen the combination of civilized cities work with the service masses, and to form a good atmosphere of civilized city, and the benefit of all benefits. In October, the streets and community cadres were pragmatic, up and down, overcome difficulties quickly completed the exterior wall of the old area of ??the jurisdiction, so that the old building is new, and the residents are happy.

First, the party history, pay attention to the mass pain points.

The streets and community cadres learn education, understanding, and do practical things through party history. In the work of creating civilized cities, they are guided by the people’s concern, and they will focus on the outer wall of Beiyuan New Village, Yintian New Village. Interview with the residents, understand the exterior wall part of the exterior, and some residents did not dare to let the children play downstairs, and the old communities did not have a pain point for property management.

Second, deepen the service, and implement the task. During the construction of the exterior wall, the streets and community cadres closely focus on the key, difficult to report on the external wall repair, and formulate daily reporting mechanisms, requiring various communities and construction presses to send progress.

At the same time, the service of the masses is the purpose, insist on listening to the residents of the community in front of the line and resolved in time. For example, some residents reflected their own window seepage problems, streets and community cadres first arrived at the scene and construction team, requiring increased waterproofing. Third, try to do fine, only for residents. The streets and communities insist on the exterior wall decline in repair and "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, and make the work be fine.

In order to reduce construction noise, the residents are affected, the streets are required to work in the daytime work during the day. In order to prevent damage to the resident window, the construction party is required to increase the protection facilities. After the construction is completed, the construction party is required to process garbage in a timely manner according to the garbage classification.

Next, Rock Spring Street will continue to work with party history education as an opportunity, and conduct a series of attacks on the concerns of residents such as "flying lines" in the old community.

Tokyo Olympisch Economisch Effect Klein Japan Square 400 biljoen Yen om de economie te stimuleren

Tokyo Olympisch Economisch Effect Klein Japan Square 400 biljoen Yen om de economie te stimuleren

Originele titel: Tokyo Olympische Economische effecten Co., Ltd. om 40 biljoen yen te consolideren om de economie China nieuw netwerk te stimuleren November 16th uitgebreid rapport, onlangs, het Japanse Nevocontal Palace vrijgegeven gegevens waaruit blijkt dat de Tokyo Olympische Spelen succesvol zijn, maar bijna allemaal locaties zijn het verboden om de markt binnen te gaan, waardoor beperkte economische effecten wordt gebracht.

Analyse zei dat Japan in het licht van een sterk offensief van nieuwe kroonepidemie?n meer dan 400 biljoen yen (ongeveer RMB 2 biljoen) economische stimulus zal lanceren. Volgens rapporten gaf het Japanse nevocontale paleis data uit dat het derde kwartaal van 2021, Japan binnenlands product (bbp) snel gerapporteerde waarde, de op kwartgebaseerde factor wordt aangepast, en% wordt met een jaarlijks tarief verminderd. Er is een negatieve groei in 1 kwartaal.

  "Japan economisch nieuws" zei dat dit de kwetsbaarheid van de Japanse economische taaiheid benadrukt en het tempo van Europees en Amerikaans herstel niet kan opvangen.

  Volgens het rapport gehouden de Tokyo Olympics in augustus, de Tokyo Olympische Spelen mochten het toerisme, hotels en de detailhandel industrie?n voor implementatie zonder publieksmaatregelen niet stimuleren. Bovendien is volgens Japan ‘Sell News’ be?nvloed door de nieuwe kroonepidemie en blijft de persoonlijke consumptie van Japan traag. De exportsituatie is ook zorgwekkend. Japan Tokyo en Osaka House worden ook be?nvloed door de epidemie en de vermelding van de noodstoestand is vele malen uitgebracht, wat leidt tot een diner, het hotel en andere service-industrie. Analyse zei dat economische gegevens veel minder zijn dan verwacht, de regering van de overheid is net gelanceerd, is een belangrijke test. Volgens rapporten, in het licht van 2022 onlangs onderzochte verkiezingen, wilde de eerste fase van de eerste fase, Tian Wenxiong graag een decreet aanbrengen, naast het uitgeven van subsidies aan het publiek, maar ook gezegd dat ze het MKB zullen blijven ondersteunen.

  Boarda heeft eerder verklaard dat de epidemie-subsidie ??gelijkwaardig aan 100.000 yen (ongeveer RMB 5.500) is bedoeld voor een bevolking van 18 en de leeftijd.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Zhang Lia).

The ancient town of Tuscany to the township to explore the secrets of tourists have never been seen. Italy.

The ancient town of Tuscany to the township to explore the secrets of tourists have never been seen. Italy.

At present, the Italian Embassy, ??the Shanghai Consulate, and Guangzhou Consulate Open the Italian Visa Application Center, and the Chinese citizens to Italy need to submit the visa materials to the visa application center of each section, and pay the fee according to the requirements of the Visa Application Center. All business visa application materials are accepted by the visa service center, and the material is automatically generated by the consulate interview time after the material is accepted. Under normal circumstances, the visa approval time is around a week (from the date of the interview, the audit is completed and the applicant finally reply).

Applicants can check their respective visa approval situations directly on the Visa Application Center website to learn about the date of receiving passports at the Visa Application Center.

In addition, the visa application center can also mail the passport into the applicant in the applicant (EMS). Tuscany is mainly in the Mediterranean climate, mild in winter, hot and dry in summer. The average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the autumn is mild dry, with average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the annual precipitation is 914 mm, and there is snowfall in the winter mountains. Italy as one of the EU members, implements a unified monetary policy, with euro (code: EUR, symbol: €) as a general purpose currency. Euro banknotes, a total of 7 face values ??from 5, 10, 20, 50, 200, 200,500 euros, for convenience of use in Italy, try to exchange 100 euros below.

In the Italian, visitors only need to carry the UnionPay card to directly extract the euro on the ATM machine with the UnionPay logo.

Although there will be some handling fee, the exchange rate will settle according on the standard of the bank’s bank.

Italy’s security is not very good, especially in big cities, must have a sense of prevention. Don’t take precious items in the bag behind, you should not worry, cash dispersion. Italy is a religious country, many art treasures are born and stored in the church, so visit the church is also one of the compulsory classes. Entering the church, short skirts, shorts, or vests, especially the St. Peter’s Church of the Vatican, and there is a special person to check the customer’s clothing on the road to the Square.